How Humidity Affects Rosin Press Yield

How Humidity Affects Rosin Press Yield

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Often times, when you’ve got your press setup and recipes dialed in (temp, pressure and time) you may be noticing a lower yield. It’s almost as if the buds are holding onto all of their goodness without leaving you much. You think I’ve seen these guys on YouTube and they seem to be getting gobs more than you. You may even think that there is something wrong with your press. I’ve even  been asked, why are my yields so much better when I press my rosin, while others pressing the same strain tends to be 5-10% lower? Which is painful to hear for any experienced presser. (That can be the difference between only needing an 8th to press a gram or wasting a quarter of an ounce) 

More often than not, it has to deal with moisture content of their stash. You can have the best material in the world to work with and, unfortunately, if you haven’t taken the time to make sure the buds humidity levels are ideal then your yields will suffer. Now this can go both ways, meaning if your stash is to dry, you will end up with less final product and the same goes for if it is too moist. So how do we fix it? Humidors? Air tight jars...? We fix this by using two way humidity control packs.

Most humidors help to maintain moisture content very well because of the cedar they are made with. Unfortunately, this means when you press you will actually be pulling the terpenes of the cedar that your buds were resting in. Those humidors sure do work with cigars though, as the cedar tends to blend well with tobacco. So humidors are out of the question. 

Air tight jars work great to draw moisture content deep from the stems of the buds and back into the flower itself. Now, while this makes the moisture content consistent throughout the bud, then, with that bud in mind, you are still left wondering what your humidity levels are. This is where the two way humidity packs are game changing. When placed in the air tight jar with your stash, overnight, it will bring your moisture content up to your target (or down) and hold it there. Experience has taught me that pressing with a moisture content level between 58% and 64% is your target and conveniently the two way humidity packs are available at 62%  as well as other varying percentages. Following this crucial step will help you to yield the numbers that will not leave you cringing in despair but rejoicing in the golden rosin running from your press. 





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Ok thanks I see how you can even put the level throughout the bud overnight but how do you bring the hum level up if it’s too low without risking mold or something?

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