How To Pack Rosin Filter Bags

The Press Club How To Pack Rosin Bags


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Preparation is the key to success. In the art of pressing rosin, how you pack your rosin bag before the press is no minor detail of the process. Overlook some of the specific ways you should be packing your rosin bags and you’ll risk missing out on potential rosin yields. 

We can think about packing rosin bags in five separate phases: preparing the rosin bag, preparing cannabis material, filling the bag, pre pressing, and closing the bag.


The Press Club How To Pack Rosin Bags

Phase 1: Preparing the rosin bags

Make sure the seams of the bags are on the inside of the bag. If the threading and seams are facing the outside of the bag, you’ll need to flip the bags inside out so the seams are on the inside. 


This tends to increase the overall strength of the bag under pressure and also reduces the amount of rosin that would get trapped in the seams as it flows out of the bag. 

The Press Club bags are pre flipped to save you time, so you can skip this step if you’re already using our bags. If not, pick them up here

One option in preparing the bags is using a method called Bottle Tech, which is folding the bottom corners inside the bag, so the corners are concave. This allows the bag to stand up vertically in the press instead of laying down flat.


Phase 2: Preparing Cannabis Material

If you’re using cannabis flower for source material, there are a couple things you want to ensure before getting started. 

First, remove bulky stems before placing popcorn-sized nuggets of the dried and cured flower. The flowers don’t need to be ground into the consistency you would use to pack a bowl, but they should break down into the size of mini popcorn nugs. 

The aim is for the cannabis material to pack evenly and consistently inside the bag, so you want the pieces to be small enough to mold together into a solid mass. 

If you’re using dry sift or bubble hash as a source material, there are no extra steps to prepare it ahead of time. 


Phase 3: Filling the Bag

After your rosin material and rosin bags are prepped, it’s time to fill the bags. 

This phase of properly packing your rosin bag involves several steps, including using a rosin funnel to fill the bag, reducing air pockets in the material, and pre pressing. 

The Press Club How To Pack Rosin Bags Cannabis Flower

Use a funnel like this one to fill the rosin bag, leaving at least a half inch of empty space at the top of the bag. You don’t want to pack the bag so tightly that it won’t lay flat, but you also want to be sure the material isn’t just sitting loosely in the bag with empty spaces throughout. 

If you have flower in the bag, use your fingers to break up the nuggets further, so the material can join together as one solid mass inside the rosin bag. 

Once the bag is filled, use your finger or a jammer-like tool to gently compress the material into the bottom corners of the bag and evenly around all edges of the bag. You want to eliminate any gaps in spacing and make sure the packing is as consistent as possible. 


Phase 4: Pre Pressing

After the bag is filled and material is somewhat compressed, it’s time to pre press the material. Use a pre press like this one to quickly and thoroughly compress the material in the bag to increase the amount of rosin yield you can expect. The Press Club has pre-press molds to accommodate any size rosin bags. 


Phase 5: Closing the bag

The last step is to seal the top of the bag with a simple fold. Fold over the excess fabric at the top of the bag, which should be enough to stay folded over as the bag sits between the plates. 

Now the bag is ready to go, grab the parchment paper and don’t forget to pre heat with very light pressure between the rosin plates before you start squishing. 



It’s said that if you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. When it comes to pressing rosin, don’t neglect the proper steps needed to pack your rosin bag in preparation for the press.  


The Press Club Rosin Starter Guide


What is a rosin bag? 
A rosin bag is a small nylon filter screen used to hold cannabis material for rosin extraction. The best rosin bags are made with food grade nylon and are designed to withstand high heat and pressure during extraction. Rosin bags are made with various grades of filter screens, which are measured in microns. Rosin bags are made from 15-220 microns.

Do I need to use a rosin bag?

Rosin bags are used to create the highest quality rosin, although rosin bags are not absolutely necessary to press rosin. Rosin bags improve the quality and the yield of cannabis rosin by filtering out fats, waxes, and other contaminants from cannabis material during extraction. Rosin bags hold cannabis source material within a fixed area between the rosin plates, which reduces fluctuations in pressure being applied to source material during extraction. 

What are benefits of using rosin bags? 

Rosin bags filter out contaminants and hold cannabis material during extraction. Rosin bags contain the cannabis in one specific area between the plates that allows for accurate pressure control during extraction. Rosin bags thereby increase both quality and yield for rosin extraction.

Can I reuse rosin bags?
It's best to use a new rosin bag for every extraction. The seams of the rosin bag stretch after use, which can impact pressure levels during extraction. Rosin bags can be cleaned with water and isopropyl alcohol for reuse, however it's ideal to use a new rosin bag for each extraction. Rosin bags are a cost effective way to improve rosin quality and yield.  

Which way seams go for a rosin bag?
Seams should face the inside of a rosin bag. Many rosin bags will need to be flipped before use so that the seams are along the inside. The Press Club rosin bags are pre-flipped to save you time.

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Michael Nurse

I understand the seams go on the inside. But, are they on top, side, or bottom? My first and only press I had the seams on the side and inside, and it seemed to catch a lot of the rosin from coming out. I was thinking it might flow better if I put the seam to the top or bottom.

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