How To Use a Work Cube for Washing Bubble Hash

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Work cubes are enclosed mesh filter bags used to hold cannabis starting material during the mixing phase of ice water extraction. Work cubes are similar to regular open-ended wash bags in that they utilize the 220-micron filter screen size, however they’re designed to fully contain the cannabis material with a top lid that zips closed. Work cubes are also made entirely with 220-micron mesh so that the total surface area acts as a filter. 

For machine washing, the work cube is like the upgraded version of the traditional 220-micron wash bag. They can also be used with the hand-mixing approach. For both machine and hand mixing, work cubes keep all the cannabis material together while still allowing for it to flow freely inside the bag. It also provides the first round of filtration so you don’t need to pour the ice water mixture through the 220 wash bag (largest size filter in the traditional wash bag kits). 

Work cubes are used in conjunction with full wash bag kits, simply replacing the largest filter in the series. Once the ice water and cannabis is agitated together, the mixture can be poured through the other micron bags. 

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Benefits of Using Work Bags


Work cubes are a great advantage when using a washing machine to make ice water hash. By holding all the cannabis, zipper wash bags prevent the plant material from spreading out inside the washing machine. This makes the clean up a lot easier, and keeps the inside of your machine from getting super dirty with plant particles that are difficult to remove. 



They also save time by providing the first level of filtration with the 220 micron mesh at the same time that the mixing occurs. This saves the step of having to pour the ice water mixture through the regular 220-micron work bag after agitation. 

Many work bags are made in the shape of the traditional bubble hash wash bags, with the addition of a lid and zipper closure. Other zipper work bags are shaped like cubes, giving the bag many edges. These edges provide surface area on which the bag can “tumble” inside the washing machine, providing resistance against the water current. The cube shape can help with thorough agitation.  

How To Use Work Cubes

Work cubes are available in 1 and 5-gallon sizes depending on the amount of material you’re washing. For 1-2 ounces of cannabis flower, 1-gallon work bags are the best choice. 3-8 ounces of material will fit nicely in the 5-gallon size. The key is not to pack the bag too full. If the material is crammed tightly into the bag there won’t be enough room for the material to move around with the flow of the water. This friction with the currents in the ice water is what helps release the trichome heads from the material, so filling the bag no more than halfway is ideal.

To use a work cube, fill it with cannabis and secure the zipper. You can place some ice cubes inside the bag to ensure the material stays as cold as possible while it’s presoaking in the water. Presoaking is an important first step to rehydrate the material so it’s not brittle. Brittle material will break apart and lead to lots of contamination in the final product. 




With machine washing, the work cube can go into the machine and be washed with a gentle cycle. Avoid over-agitation that can occur if using a heavy-duty setting on the washer, or washing the material for too long. 



If you’re hand-washing, the work cubes can be stirred around in the work bucket with a large spoon or paddle, in a figure-8 pattern. Changing the direction of the figure-8 throughout the mixing is a good approach. You can also push the bag down into the water with the paddle, dunking it down into the bottom of the work bucket. The idea is to create a smooth and steady flow of the ice water and cannabis. 

After the mixing cycle is complete, remove the bag from the mixture and pour through the remaining filter bags. The same material can be washed inside the work bag multiple times. Check out our article How Many Times Can I Wash Cannabis?

Final note about using work cubes in washing machines: you can use multiple bags in large commercial mixers. In smaller washing machines like 5 or 10-gallon, just one work bag is fine. For larger machines, like 30 or 40-gallon commercial agitators, multiple work bags can be used together. 


Work cubes make the mixing process more efficient and help keep your equipment cleaner. They provide the initial filtration through the 220-micron screen at the same time that the ice water and cannabis are mixed together. 

What’s the biggest advantage you see with using work bags? Let us know in the comments!



What is a work cube for washing bubble hash?
Work cubes are all-mesh enclosures that hold cannabis trim or flowers during the agitation (mixing) phase of the ice water extraction method for making bubble hash. 

How much material should you put in a work cube?
1-gallon work bags hold 1-2 ounces of cannabis material while 5-gallon work bags hold 3-8 ounces. It’s important not to over fill the bags, as this will prevent the material from releasing all of the trichome heads.

What are the benefits of using a work cube for washing bubble hash?
The main benefits are making clean up easier and saving time by providing the first level of filtration at the same time the ice water and cannabis material are mixed together.

What is a work cube made of?
Work cubes are made of 100% nylon mesh, 220-microns.

Can you wash hash without using a work cube?
While you can wash hash without a work cube, they make the process a lot easier and more efficient. It’s recommended to use work cubes.


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