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Top Tips To Consider When Setting Up and Running Your Hash Lab

Setting up your lab for washing hash is crucial to producing top quality and consistent loose resin. A clean and controlled environment plays a role in preserving the purity of the hash by preventing contaminants from getting into your hash. Maintaining temperature conditions is essential to keep the hash intact and easy to handle throughout the process ensuring its quality doesn't deteriorate. This uniformity in conditions leads to a process that consistently delivers a high-quality product.
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How To Test Starter Material Before Washing Bubble Hash

✅ Updated 10/19/21 The flowers we want for ice water extraction produce high concentrations of both cannabinoids and terpenes within an abundance of terpenes covering the buds. Not all cannabis cultivars make good candidates for hash production. Strains that produce lots of terpenes and high levels of THC don’t always have the characteristics to make great starter material for ice water extraction.
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Tips for Cleaning Your Dab Rig and Banger

✅ Updated 1/18/22 Regular use of your rig leaves residual oil buildup, it’s all part of the game. Taking the perfect dab is only possible when you’re using a clean rig and banger, so staying on top of regular maintenance and cleaning pays dividends. Even premium rosin and bubble hash leaves a little something extra behind after vaporizing in the bowl. Much of this is the waxy encasing of the trichome heads, which are resilient to the temperatures used for dabbing. They remain in a puddle or thin oil smear along the bottom and sides of the bowl
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How To Dab Rosin

✅ Updated 1/12/22 There’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking the perfect dab of high quality terpene-rich rosin or bubble hash. There are many different ways to enjoy solventless cannabis concentrates, but nothing can match dabbing in its effectiveness and total sensory experience. There’s also a ritual of taking dabs that can be satisfying in itself. Setting out and preparing your equipment, heating the nail, scooping up a nice dab, dropping into the bowl, and watching that terp pearl spin while the magic happens. It is a truly unique and enjoyable experience! If you’re new to dabbing or just looking for some quick tips
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Lipids, Fats, and Waxes in Rosin

✅ Updated 1/4/22 Lipids are a diverse group of compounds found in both plant and animal cells, providing long-term energy storage and protective insulation. Lipids are hydrocarbons composed of only two elements: hydrogen and carbon. They’re also hydrophobic, which means they are insoluble in water. Fats, oils, waxes, phospholipids, and steroids are all various types of lipids. The cannabis plant produces a variety of lipids, which make their way into rosin. Their presence comes through in the flavor
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Top 5 Rosin Pressing Tips For Flower

✅ Updated 8/15/21 Hours of experimentation lead to lots of valuable insights when you’re pressing flower rosin. We’ve captured a few of our favorites here. The quality of rosin you collect is determined primarily by the quality of the flower you’re pressing. Given that your press is dialed-in, any shortcomings in your rosin can most likely be traced back to shortcomings in your flower. The importance of excellent material can’t be understated if your goal is truly connoisseur rosin.
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3 Reasons Why You Need A Pre Press Mold

Pre-pressing cannabis material prior to rosin extraction provides multiple benefits to extractors. Pre-pressing is a simple and effective way to prepare flower, dry sift, or bubble within a filter bag to create consistent and even rosin flow from the material during extraction. The process of pre-pressing cannabis is straightforward. Using specially-designed rectangular aluminum molds (or cylindrical molds if you’re pressing Bottle Tech), loaded filter bags are hand-pressed within a mold just before extraction. After the filter bag is filled with material, use your fingers to compact the material inside the bag tightly and evenly.
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How to Rehydrate Dry Cannabis Flower For Rosin Pressing

✅ Updated 6/10/21 Effectively extracting quality rosin from cannabis flowers isn’t possible without the correct moisture content and humidity levels. Flowers grown in an ideal environment from good genetics can’t fully transform into exceptional rosin if they’re too dry during extraction. Excessive dryness in cannabis flowers causes decreased rosin yields, as bone-dry bud reabsorbs much of the rosin as it flows through the rosin bag. This reabsorption rate is significantly lower in flowers that contain the right amount of moisture, giving every extractor good reason to maintain correct moisture in their starting material.
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How To Take Notes To Improve Your Rosin Production

The mechanics of pressing rosin are straightforward. With the application of heat and pressure, solventless extractors release the oils contained within cannabis to create a pure and potent form of concentrate known as rosin. Although the overall approach to pressing rosin is simple, many variables exist in the actual process, any of which can have a direct impact on the quantity and quality of your rosin yield. Over time and with experience, extractors gain a better understanding of how to control variables such as time, temperature, and pressure when pressing rosin.
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How Much Cannabis Do I Need To Make Bubble Hash

✅ Updated 6/10/21 Home Growers with a couple of cannabis plants often ask how much material they need to accumulate for a successful run of hash. It’s common to see people washing a pound or more of cannabis and pulling ounces of hash, but do you really need that much material to make your own bubble hash? What if you only have a small amount of starting material to work with? Preparing all the equipment and going through the labor-intensive process of ice water extraction takes a good amount of time and energy, so most bubble hash extractors won’t wash anything under a quarter pound (4 ounces) per run.
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How To Press Bottle Tech

Bottle Tech refers to a specific style of filling rosin bags and loading them into the press, so that the material takes the shape of a vertical cylinder rather than a flat rectangle. With a fundamental change in the shape of source material, bottle Tech gives the extractor greater control over bag pressure for more consistent results. Why use Bottle Tech to Press Rosin? If you’re pressing flower, especially if you work with the same cultivars on a regular basis, Bottle Tech allows you to more accurately dial-in your pressure application for repeatable and predictable results.
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How To Correctly Clean Bubble Wash Bags

✅ Updated 10/29/22 Investing in quality bubble bags makes the ice water extraction process easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. The rewards of washing hash with quality supplies become evident in the final product. Once you've made that investment in bubble bags, it's important to know how to maintain them. Bubble bags are not meant to last forever, but they're not one-and-done disposable products either.
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Live Resin (BHO) vs Live Rosin (WPFF) & What's the Difference?

✅ Updated 11/22/21Live rosin and live resin, two words that look and sound nearly the same, but represent distinctly contrasting cannabis concentrates. To add to the confusion, the term “resin” by itself has multiple meanings in cannabis. It turns out that there’s more than a subtle difference between these two types of cannabis concentrates. So what’s the difference between live rosin and live resin? Why are they both called “live”, and which one is better?
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How to Calculate Platen PSI

✅ Updated 3/4/21 Pressing high grade rosin requires exerting just the right amount of pressure onto cannabis source material. Too much pressure and you risk equipment failure and reduced oil flow efficiency. Too little pressure and you end up overcompensating with excessive temperatures and diminished terpenes. Achieving the right level of pressure during solventless extraction allows cannabis to unlock that unique expression of cannabinoid and terpene-rich oil we know and love as rosin.
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How To Double Bag Your Rosin Bags

Rosin bag blowouts are one of the most frustrating and costly occurrences for rosin extractors, so a lot of time and energy goes into preventing these gut-wrenching disappointments at the press. Using high quality rosin bags is a great start to preventing blowouts. Other techniques, such as double bagging, help your rosin bags perform at their highest level while subject to heat and pressure during extraction. So why should you consider double bagging your rosin bags?
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Can You Really Press Rosin with a Hair Straightener?

One of the greatest perks about our favorite cannabis concentrate is that you can easily create it right from the comfort of your own home. One of the most popular entry points into cannabis extraction is pressing rosin with a basic hair straightener. But can you really press quality rosin with a hair straightener? Pressing rosin is a mechanical process with three main inputs at play: heat, pressure, and time. A hair straighter gives you control over all three of these variables, meaning you can create quality rosin within a modest budget.
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How To Jar Tech Rosin

✅ Updated 8/17/21 A good cure can take your solventless cannabis extract to the next level. While rosin is ready to consume immediately after production, the curing process transforms color, texture, consistency, flavor, and even potency in unique and sometimes unexpected ways. Curing is a matter of personal preference and there are no absolutes. The main variables to consider when curing rosin are air exchange (oxygen), temperature, pressure, and time. Air exchange is controlled through opening or closing of the container and stirring/agitation. Temperature can be controlled via heat treatments with an oven, hot plate, or rosin plates.
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How To Find the Best Flower for Pressing Rosin

Pressing cannabis flower is the easiest and most straightforward method of solventless extraction. Creating premium rosin requires high quality flower at its source, so knowing how to find the best cannabis flower for pressing rosin is essential. We can think about how to find the best cannabis flower for pressing rosin by considering both the quality and condition of the flower and its source. What should you look for in cannabis flowers to make them worthy of a press, and where will you source them?
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What Is The Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Pressing?

✅ Updated 2/23/21 Next to rolling paper for cannabis flowers, parchment paper may be the most popular type of paper in the cannabis industry (with paper money being a close runner up). But what exactly is parchment paper, and why is it in such high demand? Parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that’s been treated and coated to make it non-stick and resistant to high heat. The main “non-sticky” factor comes from a thin layer of silicone that’s applied to the paper during manufacturing.
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What Micron Bag Do I Use?

✅ Updated 2/23/21To rosin extractors, microns refer to the fineness of rosin bags. A rosin bag’s fineness (smaller micron) or coarseness (larger micron) has a direct impact on the rosin that comes out of the source material, so understanding the relationship between cannabis source material and microns is critical to pressing the best rosin. What exactly is a micron? A micron is a unit of measurement that equals 1/1000th of a millimeter. The micron of a rosin bag refers to the distance across each one of the tiny holes that make up the filter. Smaller holes make the material feel finer, while larger holes make the material feel coarser.
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What Are Rosin Chips & What Can You Do With Them?

✅ Updated 1/13/21 Rosin chips are the flattened pancakes of cannabis flowers that remain after being squished at the press. Those flat pucks of squished buds still contain cannabinoids and terpenes, and although there’s less to extract than the first time around, there are at least 2 effective ways to extract them. Re-pressing Pucks for More Rosin Although the initial press yields the highest quality rosin, there is still some worthwhile extract to be obtained the second time around.
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