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The Press Club Directional Flow Method Rosin
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The Directional Flow Method is a way of folding parchment paper used during pressing in such a way to guide flowing rosin away from the heated plates and onto a cooler surface (the outer edges of the parchment). The more quickly you move rosin away from the heat source, the more you’ll optimize terpene and cannabinoid preservation.  

Another benefit of the Directional Flow Method is that it allows you to watch the flow during a press. You can see when the flow starts and when it stops, which lets you really dial in the variables specific to your starting material.  

The Directional Flow Method is ideal for runs that generate a high volume of rosin, as a steady stream of rosin allows for this method to be most effective. Therefore, we recommend trying this out with dry sift or bubble hash runs, which will generally produce high enough returns as to benefit from this method. 


With flower, the yields normally aren’t high enough to create the river of flowing rosin that you need to make this method work, so it’s best to stick with the basic method of simply folding the parchment paper in half between the plates. Of course, you can still achieve stellar results with the original method. 


The Press Club How To Directional Flow Rosin

Step 1: Start with a high quality parchment paper that’s heat resistant, terpene resistant, plus food grade and FDA approved. The Press Club parchment paper is the industry’s standard. 

Step 2: Fold the parchment in half (along the width of the paper if you’re using a rectangular piece) 

Step 3: Place your rosin bag onto the paper about an eighth of an inch above the fold  

Step 4: Fold the two edges upward up to an eight inch away from the edges of the rosin bag 


The Press Club Directional Flow Parchment Paper

Step 5: Place the bag inside the main fold of the parchment paper and then fold the edges around it 

Step 6: You can cut the top layer of the paper away so that only the bottom of the parchment will be hanging down beneath the plates (this gives you better visibility into the flow of rosin as well) 

This video from Terpy Highs shows how to fold the Directional Flow technique



The Directional Flow Method is an elegant solution to minimizing the time your rosin spends sitting on the heated plates, vaporizing away the beautiful terpenes and cannabinoids that we love. Folding the paper to quickly direct rosin away from the bag, off of the plates, and dripping down the cool surface of parchment is a great way to help preserve your final product.  

Who would have thought a few modest folds could improve your game!



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