Best Guide To Make Full Spectrum Solventless Rosin & Terp Sauce

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Will McMahon

👫 Husband, master grower and rosin extraction connoisseur 

 Yes we can make full spectrum rosin using just a press. 

Let me start by saying this process can be time consuming and if you haven’t mastered pressing please do not attempt to make full spectrum solventless rosin. Not that it is dangerous by any means but if not done correctly it can be quite a loss for you, believe me. I have been there... more than once. Also do not attempt this without a PSI gauge. Over pressing will leave you with a runny mess. You will not press above 300PSI. 

You really want to start this process with a rosin product that is fairly solid. It can be soft but you most likely will need to handle it to get it into your 25 micron rosin bag. Sticky can be problematic because it will stick to the side of the bag when you want it to be down in the bottom. By placing it in the freezer for a few minutes it will become less sticky. 

I use a 25 micron, 1.75" x 4" rosin bag cut down to 1.75" x 3". 

First you will take your rosin between parchment and fold it so that it is as close to 1.7 inches wide and square. For your first time you would most likely use 2 grams of rosin. Putting your rosin in the refrigerator for 10 min and working with a cold steel plate will keep the rosin from becoming sticky in your fingers. 

When you’re happy with your rosin square, return it to the refrigerator for a few minutes. While it is cooling down you will want to invert your rosin bag so that your seam is now on the outside and not the inside. Unlike when you press bud and bubble hash, your final product will now be on the inside of the bag. All of the rosin coming out of your bag is just the Terp Sauce that suspends THCA and other cannabinoids. In this process your goal will be cleaning the Isolate from the Terp Sauce and capturing it inside your bag. 

Now take your rosin and slide it into the bag making sure that it has reached the bottom leaving no empty space. Fold your bag in half over on it self, so that it is nice and tightly closed up against the rosin inside. Return it to fridge one last time.

You will want to cover your press plates with a clean sheet of parchment and use your magnet to keep the paper in place. This will protect it from getting sticky. 

Now take a sheet of high quality parchment and fold it so that your rosin bag will slide in and out like it is being inserted into a pouch. I like to make mine about 2” wide. That way it will leave a channel on either side for the Terp Sauce to escape the bag and run out. You will want to make around 5 pouches. You may need more parchment pouches but they are easy to make. 

At this point you’re almost ready to press. All we need is the recipe programmed into your press. If you can set a max PSI then now is the time to do it. Temperature will start low and increase throughout the presses. That’s right not once but multiple times. So we are going to start very low, 124 degrees to be exact, and then press at 300PSI for 90 sec. You will notice as we raise the temperature that the amount of Terp Sauce being squeezed from the rosin bag will decrease. 

So get your first press started and we will move on. 

Remove the parchment and bag from your press and raise temperature 10degrees to 134. Press again for 90 secs.

You will repeat this process and replace the parchment around the bag every few presses until you reach a temp of 224 degrees. DO NOT DISCARD POUCHES! These are full of a very clean Terp Sauce that you can use to add flavor back to your isolate later!

As you may have noticed, while pressing, the rosin in your bag was getting lighter in color, and the whiter the isolate is the more pure it becomes. When you have finished the entire process you will need to work the bag open and inside you will find your full spectrum isolate. It will be almost entirely white with perhaps just a smidge of color left to it. It will now crumble like a compressed powder. Your final product will be in the range of 97-99% pure thca. The remaining 1-3% are residual cannabinoids and a few terpenoids. 

Be careful when consuming this product as it is almost flavorless but packs a massive punch! 

Now, all of those pouches that are full of your pure and clean terp Sauce can be used to add flavor back to your isolate! Mix to your hearts desire with your isolate, and remember that a little flavor goes a long way!  

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