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The Press Club Rosin Stamp is an essential tool for any rosin enthusiasts. The stamp makes collecting any type of material a cinch. 
  • Solid Glass Piece 
  • 4" x 1.5" (Height x Base Diameter) 
  • Non-Stick & Cut Down Collection Time
  • Satisfaction Guarantee & 365-Day Return Policy
  • Made In USA

Simply dab your way across your wax and then scrap it off the glass. The stamp will never rip parchment paper like other tools. Say goodbye to wasted material and hello to perfect collections! 

For Best Results Use - 

Rosin Filter Screens & Bags: 1.5” x 4”2" x 4"2.5” x 4.5”2” x 9”3” x 6” , 5" x 5"

Pre-Press Molds To Improve Your Yields By 10% or More: 2" x 4"2.5" x 2.5"3" x 5"

Recommended Accessories: Parchment Paper, PTFE Roll, FEP Storage Sheets, Rosin Collection Pack & Plate & Stamps

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