3 Reasons Why You Need A Pre Press Mold

3 Reasons WhyYou Need A Pre Press Mold

Todde Philips

Todde Philips

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Pre-pressing your material involves compacting your bubble, kief, or flower into the correct shape and density for the press. Using a Pre Press will maximize the effect of heat and pressure you’ll apply via the plates, and can also increase your efficiency when you’re pressing high volumes of cannabis.

We always pre press our material and highly recommend you do the same. Here are our top 3 reasons you should be using a pre-press mold:


The goal of pressing cannabis is to convert trichomes to a more liquid state and allow them to flow away from unwanted plant material. By lessening the trichomes’ viscosity (resistance to flow), heat and pressure allow trichomes to mobilize and ooze away from the rest of the organic matter which remains in the bag. The liquid cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids will flow through most efficiently when there is even distribution of material in the bag.

If there are areas in the material with gaps or inconsistencies where liquid cannot flow through easily, rosin will become trapped inside these areas and never escape the bag. This leads to a decrease in overall yield.

Even distribution of your material is the key to uniformly lessening viscosity and increasing the flow of rosin through the bag. Pre pressing helps even out any inconsistencies and ensure that your material is evenly distributed inside the bag.

The Press Club pre press molds are designed to optimize your source material before it hits the plates, whether you’re working with flower, kief, or bubble. 


Pre pressing increases amount of material you can fit into the bag, which means that you can process your source material quickly and more efficiently. Whether you’re pressing bubble, kief, or flower, compacting the material first let’s you process more cannabis with each press.

When you’re moving through a high volume of cannabis, this improvement translates into a valuable time-saver and overall enhancement to your process. As long as you’re not over-filling the bags or using excessive pressure when pre pressing, greater density leads to greater efficiency.


If you’re running flower, the pre press will bind the plant material together into and size and shape you can easily transfer into the bag. Instead of hand-filling the bag with individual buds, it’s best to pre press loose flower so it can be moved as one solid block quickly and easily into the bag. 


As a bonus, pre pressing is also known to reduce the risk of blowouts, however we don’t consider this to be an issue. We innovated the stitching of our bags and use only top-quality material [add specs about material], which has virtually eliminated blowouts.

If you’re looking to optimize quality, maximize yields, and improve your process, then pre pressing is a great addition to your toolkit.





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