3 Reasons Why You Need A Pre Press Mold

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✅ Updated 1/1/21

Pre-pressing cannabis material prior to rosin extraction provides multiple benefits to extractors. Pre-pressing is a simple and effective way to prepare flower, dry sift, or bubble within a filter bag to create consistent and even rosin flow from the material during extraction. 

The process of pre-pressing cannabis is straightforward. Using specially-designed rectangular aluminum molds (or cylindrical molds if you’re pressing Bottle Tech), loaded filter bags are hand-pressed within a mold just before extraction. After the filter bag is filled with material, use your fingers to compact the material inside the bag tightly and evenly. 

The shape and size of the pre-press mold you use should match the general shape and size of the filter bags. The bag should fit completely within the edges of the pre-press mold. A little room on either side is okay.  


Once the filter bag is positioned inside the pre-press mold, a common technique is to place your palms flat on the top of the mold and use your upper body weight to firmly press the material.   

You can even place one side of the mold onto your heated rosin plates for a minute or two before pre-pressing the material. This additional heat from the pre-press mold helps to prime the material for extraction.  


The Press Club Pre Press Mold Cannabis Flowers

The goals of pre-pressing are to fill in empty space or gaps in the cannabis material, even out the material along the edges of the filter bag, and prime the trichome heads for maximum flow once heat and pressure are applied. All this translates into increased yields. 

Reduce Gaps and Compact the Material 

Even distribution of material within the filter bag has a direct impact on the flow of rosin under heat and pressure. During extraction, rosin can become trapped within gaps in the cannabis material and never escape the bag. Big spaces between chunks of flower or loosely-packed bubble hash invite rosin fill the empty space rather than flow through like an unobstructed river. 

Consistent distribution of your material is the key to uniformly lessening viscosity and increasing the flow of rosin through the bag. Pre pressing helps even out any inconsistencies and ensure that your material is evenly distributed inside the bag. 

The Press Club pre-press molds are designed to optimize your flower, dry sift, and bubble.


The Press Club Pre Press Mold Fill Rosin Bag

Evenly Fill-in the Bag 

Along with even distribution and consistency within the flower, dry sift, or bubble hash, pre-pressing also packs the material firmly against the edges and into the corners of the rosin bag. Space between the filter bag and material can draw in rosin and trap it within the filter itself. 

Pre-pressing the cannabis makes it nice and tight against all sides of the filter bag so there’s less opportunity for rosin to get trapped between the material and the edge of the bag.


Pre-pressing expands the cannabis material to take up the entire space within the rosin bag, which also allows for more even distribution of pressure during extraction. 

Increase Yields 

Firmly-packed and consistent material with no gaps, and tightness of material around the edges of the rosin bag all leads to better flow of rosin and increased yields. As cannabis is pre-pressed, the trichome heads are primed to burst and flow as heat and pressure are applied.  


Pre-press molds provide a quick and easy way to prepare your cannabis material for extraction. They help pack cannabis within the filter bag much more efficiently than is possible just using your hands.  

The Press Club makes various sizes of pre-press molds depending on which size bags you’re using. You can check out the full selection here



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