We're Californian brothers obsessed with rosin just like you.

A few years ago we started pressing and noticed how hard it was to find top-quality rosin bags at an affordable price.

So we set out to solve these problems.

After 8,610 hours of research (we counted), 16 trips to nylon factories, 2 years of lab testing, 0 blowouts and 1 patent, The Press Club was born.

Now The Press Club's mission is focused on making the the best rosin tech filters and accessories in the industry at the lowest price. We can't expect to move this industry forward if people can't get affordable bags. Period.
We also donate 5% of every purchase to NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

Giving back is always more important than making an extra buck.

To us, you're family.

- J & N