We're Californian brothers obsessed with hash & everything solventless just like you.


While our relationship with the plant has been lifelong, our solventless journey started in 2014 when an ailing family member wasn't finding the relief they needed from conventional medicine. We've always understood the medicinal properties of this magical plant so we started to do some research, growing and experimenting ourselves. While options like RSO were popular during this time, our family needed something cleaner 🤔


The idea of simply using water to wash the plant and heat/pressure for extraction was a light bulb moment for us so we started washing and pressing ourselves too. While we were experimenting, one thing we quickly realized was how hard it was to find top-quality rosin bags, bubble bags and other solventless equipment Made in America at an affordable price.

So we set out to solve this problem.
After a significant amount of R&D, 2 years of testing, 0 blowouts and 1 proprietary stitch, The Press Club was born.

Now The Press Club's mission is focused on making the best premium rosin bags and solventless gear from seed to press at a fair, no Green-Tax price. We cannot expect to change laws / stigmas and push this industry forward if people cannot get their hands on dependable and affordable equipment to make their own medicine at home. This is why we do, what we do everyday.
The Press Club Rosin Bag Company vs Competitors 2020
We also donate 5% of every purchase to support American veterans and NORML.

Giving back is always more important than making an extra buck.

To us, you're family.

- J & N


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