Average Rosin Yields from Various Cannabis Material

Viviane Schute

Cannabis enthusiast and student of the art of solventless extraction

No matter what cannabis material you’re using to press rosin, the quality of the cannabis you start with determines the quality of rosin you end with. The number one most important ingredient to achieving premium quality rosin with top yields is exceptional source material.  

Assuming you start with quality cannabis, the variables of time, temperature, and pressure are adjusted to deliver the highest levels of purity, potency and yield. So what rate of returns should you be looking for when pressing rosin? 

The answer depends on which type of cannabis source material you’re using. All other variables remaining constant, bubble hash will yield more than kief or dry sift, which yields more than flower. 

Higher percentages of trichomes to plant matter in the starting material equates to higher percentages of rosin yield. 

More trichomes means more yield. Bubble hash contains a much higher percentage of trichomes to plant material than cannabis flowers, and therefore the rosin yields from bubble hash are vastly higher than yields from flowers.  

However, just because flower doesn’t yield as much as bubble hash doesn’t mean it’s not worth pressing. Yield isn’t everything, and quality rosin can be squished from properly dried and high quality flower. 

Strain, or cultivar, is another important factor to consider when discussing rosin yields. Some strains will naturally squish better than others. If your material is fresh and properly dried and you’re using the right time, temperature and pressure but still not producing satisfactory yields, the limiting factor might be the cannabis strain. Check out this article to see which strains are best for pressing rosin. 

All that considered, the following is a rough guide to help you benchmark your current rosin yields relative to the type of starting material you use:     

Flower: 15-25% 

Kief or Dry Sift: 30-40% 

Bubble Hash: 60-70+%

These ranges are good for reference but there will always be outliers. Use these percentages to benchmark your progress as you work to improve not only the quality but also the yield percentages you can achieve. 

Yield definitely isn’t everything, but it is an important consideration when deciding how to allocate premium cannabis starting material. What’s your favorite material to squish, and what are your yields? Let us know in the comments! 


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