Buchner Funnel Tech for Drying Bubble Hash

Tyler Markwart        

Medical cannabis activist, farmer, hash maker, syndicated journalist, and consultant with over 25 years experience in the medical, legacy, and recreational markets

A note from The Press Club:

We are fortunate to host Tyler Markwart in our lab today to talk about his experience developing and using the Buchner Funnel Tech for air drying bubble hash. Tyler is a cannabis activist, farmer, hash maker, syndicated journalist, and consultant with over 25 years of experience. We're grateful for his time and willingness to teach this approach to drying bubble hash. 

We'll include a link to Tyler's full video with Shango Los at the end of this article. 

No budget for a freeze dryer? No problem. 

Let's hear from Tyler about how he got started with Buchner Funnel Tech:

One day I was making hash and I was thinking about purchasing a freeze dryer.  I looked around and started to price them and they were way out of my budget for me to purchase for making my own head stash.  So I thought to myself, "I wonder if there is a cheaper way to get similar results without having to spend thousands of dollars on a freeze dryer"? I thought about the process that the freeze dryer does and then I remember using a Buchner Funnel in chemistry class. It seemed like it would be the right fit for what I needed. 

So I ordered the parts and gave it a try and low and behold it did work well! As a medical cannabis patient myself, I have always been a proponent of helping patients. I wanted to get the info out as open sourced so that everyone could be able to make their own high quality medication. 





Before we jump into the process, let's review the list of supplies needed. As of time of writing, you can expect to spend under $300 dollars for the entire setup. 

1. Buchner Funnel or Buchner Flask 
2. Flask (if using Buchner Funnel) 
3. Tubing 
4. Vacuum Pump 
5. Cover/Lid for funnel (aluminum foil)
6. Hair tie or rubber band to secure cover 
7. Nylon drying screen (15u to 25u 5”x5” rosin bags
8. Wine fridge (optional) 
9. Cookie cooling rack (optional) 

The good news is that each of these items can be readily sourced online. After purchasing all your supplies, it's time for assembly and set up. 

Setting Up the Buchner Funnel 

1. Make sure the Buchner funnel and flask are clean

2. Assemble the Buchner Funnel and flask

3. Make sure the vacuum pump has an adequate oil level and that the oil is not dirty


4. Install tubing to the Buchner funnel or the Buchner flask and then connect the tube to the vacuum pump

5. Place a piece of cardboard (a pizza box works well) on a table and then put the 25u nylon drying screen on top of that. You can cut the nylon drying screen to fit perfectly inside of the Buchner funnel if you want it to lay completely flat.  I have been using The Press Club 5”x5” rosin bags and they work great. 

Buchner Funnel Tech

With our supplies assembled and fully set up in a clean space, it's time to get to it. Here's the process for drying wet bubble hash with Buchner Funnel Tech.

1. Now it's time to pull the hash out of the bags. Using a spoon, pull the hash out of the bag with some water still in it, it doesn't have to drip-dry completely.

2. Move the hash over to the nylon drying screen and place it on the screen


3. Pick up the nylon drying screen with the hash on it and place it into the Buchner funnel

4. Cover the Buchner funnel with aluminum foil and poke a small hole in the top of the foil

5. Secure the aluminum foil to the funnel with a rubber band or hair tie 

6. Turn on the vacuum pump

7. If the hole in the aluminum foil is too small it will pull the foil down and the rubber band/hair tie will pop off 


8. Run the vacuum pump for 3-10 minutes depending on the amount of hash, how wet it is and what your relative humidity is. This is the stage that requires a little bit of practice and finesse to get it dialed in for your environment and the material that you are using. 

9. After the material is finished in the Buchner funnel, pull the nylon drying sheet and the hash out of the funnel and place it onto a piece of cardboard. You can then chop up the hash with a knife and break it down some more. Creating more surface area will allow it to dry faster. 

10. Sometimes the material will be able to be sieved after it comes out of the Buchner funnel, which helps it dry even faster.  Most of the time the material needs to be pulled out of the Buchner funnel, then cut up and allowed to dry a little bit longer before it is able to be sieved.

Learn more about sieving in How To Properly Sieve Bubble Hash for Air Drying

I use a wine fridge to put the material in after it’s sifted. I sift directly onto a sheet of parchment paper and then slide that onto one of the shelves of the wine fridge.  Placing the parchment paper on a mesh cookie cooling rack prior to placing the hash into the wine fridge will help with airflow and drying. 

Learn more about wine fridges in How To Use a Wine Cooler To Dry Bubble Hash.



Here's an example of fresh bubble hash before (top) and after drying with Buchner Funnel Tech. 


The Buchner funnel doesn’t dry the hash completely, but it does help get a lot of water out of the material in a very short time. This helps to reduce the overall drying time and it also helps to reduce contamination issues with mold growth. 

If you're looking for a way to decrease your bubble hash drying time without adding several thousand dollars to the budget with a freeze dryer, buchner funnel tech may be your answer. 

More about Tyler:

My journey into the cannabis industry began in 1995 when I germinated my first cannabis seed that I found in a bag of brick weed.  Growing up in an agriculture family I already had experience gardening and working in our families sugar beet fields, so the transition to cannabis was an easy one.

In the early 2000’s I was living in Hawaii and growing and learning how to make ice water sieved hash.  In 2008 I started a co-op of medical cannabis grow houses in Eastern Washington while attending Washington State University studying Organic Agriculture. 

My first published piece of writing came in 2010 when I had an article in High Times published about my work with Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Over the next few years I would get published and syndicated in several different cannabis industry magazines such as The Northwest Leaf, Culture Magazine, The Tacoma Weedly, The New York Times, and others.

In 2010 I was awarded the first state business license to conduct medical cannabis research in Washington State.

From 2012 to 2019 I consulted and managed several medical and recreational cannabis facilities. In 2019 I took 1st place for my GG4 Temple Ball at the Terpestival in Seattle and in 2021 I moved to California to pursue a business license to make ice water hash in the recreational market.

When I’m not making hash or farming you can find me in Santa Cruz skating the streets on my longboard, jamming out at a local club or at the beach jumping in the ocean working on my Wim Hoff technique. I also enjoy making guitar amplifiers, effects pedals and modifying vintage and contemporary guitars in my free time.

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What is a Buchner Funnel?
A Buchner Funnel is a piece of lab equipment, made commonly with porcelain but also available in glass, that's commonly used as a component in filtration. 

How do you use a Buchner Funnel to dry bubble hash?
Attaching a vacuum pump to a Buchner Filter with wet bubble hash inside is a way to quickly draw out moisture and decrease drying time. 

What do you need to dry bubble hash with a Buchner Funnel?
You need the Buchner Funnel, a vacuum pump, a tube to connect the two, some 15-25 micron rosin filter bags or screens, aluminum foil, a rubber band (or hair tie), and wet bubble hash.

How much does it cost to set up a Buchner Funnel for drying bubble hash?
It costs less than $300 to set up a Buchner Funnel and vacuum pump for air drying bubble hash. 

What is the benefit of drying bubble hash with a Buchner Funnel?
The main benefit is a vast reduction in drying time, which reduces the risk of mold growth and excessive oxidation with a prolonged drying time in a cold room. 


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