Fresh Frozen or Dry Flowers for Bubble Hash?

Todde Philips 

🇺🇸 Retired veteran, father, rock-climbing expert & rosin connoisseur.

When making bubble hash for pressing rosin, there are a couple different ways to prepare the cannabis buds after harvest and before beginning the hash-making process. One is to hang dry the flowers as you would for keeping the buds just for smoking, and another is to immediately freeze the flowers and any sugar leaf right after harvesting. 

So which is better, using fresh-frozen material or dried and cured buds for making bubble hash? Here’s a quick list of some of the pros and cons of each:



  • Higher yield
  • More robust terpene expression
  • Hash can be made just 24 hours after harvesting
  • Lighter color (especially in what’s collected from the initial wash)


  • Releases higher amounts of chlorophyll after multiple washes of the hash extraction process 
  • Chlorophyll can leave the hash with a green tint

Dried Flowers


  • More consistent quality after multiple washes in the hash extraction process


  • Terpenes evaporate during the dry and cure
  • Often a slightly lower grade of quality
  • Flowers need at least 2 weeks to dry after harvest 


This lists can be a useful guide, however the strain you’re using to make hash will ultimately dictate the best method for you to use. Some strains will yield better expressions with dry buds, while others will make the best bubble hash from fresh frozen material. Experimentation is key. 

This is also another benefit of growing your own cannabis at home. Growing your own cannabis gives you the freedom and flexibility to work with a variety of strains, and to make both fresh-frozen and dry bud bubble hash to find out which is better.

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