How Much Cannabis Do I Need To Make Bubble Hash

Viviane Schute       

Cannabis enthusiast and student of the art of solventless extraction

Home Growers with a couple of cannabis plants often ask how much material they need to accumulate for a successful run of hash. It’s common to see people washing a pound or more of cannabis and pulling ounces of hash, but do you really need that much material to make your own bubble hash? What if you only have a small amount of starting material to work with?  

Preparing all the equipment and going through the labor-intensive process of ice water extraction takes a good amount of time and energy, so most bubble hash extractors won’t wash anything under a quarter pound (4 ounces) per run. Anything less may only yield a few grams of high quality hash, which may not be worth the effort to some growers.  

However, don’t let this stop you if you want to make bubble hash at home and you’re not sitting on pounds of material. You can wash some premium bubble hash starting with just 1-3 ounces of high quality cannabis material.  

As always, the key is to start with exceptional cannabis. Aim to use cannabis flower or trim leaf that’s been dried and lightly cured, as older material may not produce as effectively. Or, you can use fresh frozen material as well, and skip the drying and curing process altogether.  

When deciding how much material to use for making ice water hash, we have to consider the volume of our bubble bags. The most common sizes of bubble bags are 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 20 gallon. For the extraction, we need to fill the bags without over stuffing them.  

Take into account the space needed for water and ice, in addition to the cannabis material. There should be enough space in the bag to generate turbulent water currents while mixing/stirring. 

Here’s a reference guide for how much cannabis material you can use for each size bubble bag set:

  • 1 gallon bubble bags: 1-2 ounces or 28-56 grams (dry weight) of cannabis material
  • 5 gallon bubble bags: 3-8 ounces or 80-225 grams (dry weight) of cannabis material
  • 20 gallon bubble bags: 1-2 pounds or 450-900 grams (dry weight) of cannabis material 

With 1 ounce of high quality dried and cured cannabis flowers in a 1 gallon bubble bag set, you can expect somewhere between 3-5 grams of hash. 

Success depends not only on the starting material, but on your technique and the equipment you’re using. See our guide to washing bubble hash here


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