How To Correctly Clean Bubble Bags


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Investing in quality bubble bags makes the ice water extraction process easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. The rewards of washing hash with quality supplies become evident in the final product. Once you've made that investment in bubble bags, it's important to know how to maintain them.

Bubble bags are not meant to last forever, but they're not one-and-done disposable products either. When cared for and cleaned properly bubble bags can last for years. Cleaning your bubble bags after every use will help extend the lifetime. This prevents the need for frequent replacement, decreasing your production costs over time.

What if you don't clean bubble bags?

Bubble bags that aren't correctly cleaned will become clogged and nearly unusable over time. They become caked with hash and won't filter properly. Sometimes these bags can be salvaged with a deep clean.

Cold Water Wash

The best way to care for bubble bags is to give them a good cleaning after every use, using the cold water method described below:

Keep a small bucket of ice water set aside during extraction. Immediately after collecting hash from the screens, dip the bubble bags in this ice water and lightly agitate the filters. This ice water should be enough to properly clean the bags, if its done immediately after every use.

Its important not to use warm or hot water, as this will lead to clogged filters. All water used for cleaning should be cold.

Repeat the cold water wash as necessary. For heavy stains, soak the bags in cold water overnight.

Do not use detergents or solvents to clean your bubble bags. If there are heavy stains that cant be removed with cold water, try to isopropyl alcohol cleaning method:

ISO Alcohol

If the bubble bag screens become clogged, you may need something more powerful than cold water to salvage the bags. Use isopropyl alcohol on a soft toothbrush to gently remove tough stains. Aim for 70% alcohol, which is gentler on the screens. Keep alcohol away from the edges of the screen around the stitching.

Its important to avoid soaking the stitching in alcohol, as it can weaken the threading and compromise the seams of the bags over time.

The Press Club Clean Bubble Hash Bags

Once youve cleaned with ISO alcohol, give them another thorough wash with cold water.

Another trick for dirty/damaged bags is to use a mixture of olive oil and cold water to help soften and remove caked hash from the filters. If you try this approach, youll need to wash several times with clean cold water to remove any residual olive oil.

Things To Avoid

Dont wash your bubble bags with detergents or place them in a washing machine. Detergents can leave some residuals in your bags, and washing machines can damage the bags due to excessive agitation during the wash cycle. Dont dry your bags with heat. Let them air dry at room temperature. If you absolutely must use ISO alcohol to remove tough stains on your bag filters just be gentle, avoid getting the alcohol on the seams of the bags, and make sure you rinse after ISO cleaning with a cold water bath. Dont soak the bags in ISO.

The Press Club Dry and Store Bubble Hash Bags

Drying and Storing

However you clean your bubble bags, its important to let them air dry thoroughly before storing. Storing wet bags can lead to mold growth, which will absolutely ruin your bags. Moldy bags should not be reused.

Store the bubble bags in a small breathable tote in a cool dry place.


Using quality bubble bags is a major advantage when extracting ice water hash. Once youve purchased bubble bags, being diligent about how you clean them will prolong the lifetime of the bags and maximize your investment in quality equipment.

Cleaning bubble bags is a simple process. Being consistent with it is key.

How long do your bubble bags last? Let us know in the comments!

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