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Most solventless extraction artists use loose resin, or bubble hash, to make rosin for dabbing. Although it’s not as common to dab bubble hash as it is to dab rosin, the finest quality hash is actually great for dabbing. If you know the right techniques, loose resin can actually rival rosin dabs. 

Can’t you just dab bubble hash the same way you dab rosin? Yes you can, but there are certain ways you can improve bubble hash dabs. If you’re not careful, there’s a good chance that your dab will taste burnt. Also, loose resin has a consistency like loose sand, and it’s hard to work with. If you simply dump some loose resin into the banger, then some will likely stick to the sides of the banger, getting caked all around instead of falling to the very bottom of the banger. 

This loose hash would hit different parts of the banger, which has different temperatures. These temperature variations diminish the quality of the dab. Accuracy is critical for the perfect dab, and you can’t achieve that accuracy by pouring sand into the banger. 

Fortunately, there are some preparations you can make in order to more easily get the loose resin into the banger.  

Preparing the Loose Resin - Bringing to Room Temperature Method

The best way to store bubble hash, or loose resin, is inside a freezer. In frozen form, the hash is in a consistency that’s difficult to work with. As soon as you take it out of the freezer, loose resin resembles the consistency of sand, and it’s difficult to scoop just the right amount of this sand-like concentrate into your banger. 


To make handling the loose resin a little easier, you can simply leave it out of the freezer at room temperature. As the hash warms up, the resin heads grease down and start to bind together. This will probably only take a few minutes. As the hash starts to clump together, it gets a lot easier to manage with a dab tool. When the hash congeals, it gets less sandy and you’ll have an easier time scooping it into the banger for dabbing. 

Leaving the hash at room temperature will let it grease down a bit, but not all the way. This method of simply leaving the hash at room temperature is great because it leaves the resin heads in-tact and minimizes terpene loss. This is the preparation we prefer, just letting the loose resin clump together a bit to make it easier to drop into the banger. 

Another way to prepare the loose resin for dabbing is a little more hands-on. This second method involves slightly modifying the hash. 

Preparing the Loose Resin - Flagging Method

This method called “flagging” gets the loose resin to congeal and grease down even more, making the hash super easy to handle. After flagging the loose resin, it’s easy to scoop up a specific amount and get it to drop cleanly all the way to the bottom of the banger for a perfect dab. 


The downside is that mashing together the hash with the flagging method breaks the trichome head membranes, which not only releases the resin but it releases terpenes in the process. While it may be easier to handle at this point, there is more terpene loss than with the room temperature method explained above. 

To use the flagging method, pour some loose resin (the amount that you want to dab) into the center of a piece of parchment paper. Then, fold the parchment paper in half, closing the resin between the two sides of the paper. Place your thumb over the loose resin and then press into the resin. Roll your thumb back and forth over the resin, letting the heat and pressure from your thumb crush the trichome membranes. This will force the loose resin to congeal and look more like a grainy rosin than sand. 

In this form, it’s easier to control with a dab tool, and drop to the bottom of the banger for a perfect dab. 


The most critical variable to control is temperature when dabbing bubble hash.  The best range is around 450-550 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter, and it’s likely that the dab will taste burnt. 

Regardless of which preparation method you decide on, the temperature should be the same. Also, it’s better to go for a cooler dab than a hotter dab. 


Solventless extraction enthusiasts normally turn to loose resin, or bubble hash, as a source for pressing rosin for dabbing. While rosin typically takes the spotlight in dabbing culture, high-quality bubble hash can offer a comparable experience when dabbed correctly. However, dabbing bubble hash requires specific techniques to avoid issues such as burnt taste and uneven heating, as its loose, sand-like consistency can make it challenging to work with. Achieving the perfect dab with bubble hash involves careful preparation, including bringing it to room temperature to facilitate easier handling or employing a technique called "flagging" to congeal the resin for cleaner dabbing. Maintaining the right temperature during the dabbing process is crucial, with the optimal range falling between 450-550 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid compromising flavor and quality.

Ultimately, the journey towards the perfect dab involves mastering the nuances of handling and heating bubble hash to extract its rich flavors and potent effects without sacrificing quality.

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