How To Find the Best Flower for Pressing Rosin

The Press Club How To Find the Best Flower for Pressing Rosin

Viviane Schute

Cannabis enthusiast and student of the art of solventless extraction

Pressing cannabis flower is the easiest and most straightforward method of solventless extraction. Creating premium rosin requires high quality flower at its source, so knowing how to find the best cannabis flower for pressing rosin is essential.  

 We can think about how to find the best cannabis flower for pressing rosin by considering both the quality and condition of the flower and its source. What should you look for in cannabis flowers to make them worthy of a press, and where will you source them? 

The Press Club How To Find the Best Flower for Pressing Rosin

Cannabis that’s fit for rosin production needs to be fresh, contain the proper amount of moisture, provide a large amount of trichomes, have a good nose, and consist of high quality genetics.  Freshness is a critical consideration. Old flowers contain less oil than fresh flowers, so the aim should always be to use the freshest flower possible. Long curing should be avoided, as unfresh, old buds oxidize over time which creates a darker-colored rosin. Look for flowers that have been dried until the stems snap instead of fold and cured for up to two weeks. 

Humidity is another variable you want to get right with cannabis flowers. Buds should be stored in an environment that contains anywhere from 55-62% humidity. Digital hygrometers are ideal for measuring moisture and are highly recommended if you’re pressing flower. Humidity directly impacts rosin yields. A dry bud will not produce a lot of rosin, even if the quality is otherwise on point. If your bud is too dry, use Boveda packs to achieve ideal humidity.   

Cannabis flowers for rosin should exhibit superfluous trichome production. Trichome heads content the highest concentration of desirable molecules and compounds in rosin, so the more the better. Low trichome production in flower translates to low rosin yields, so avoid buds with a low trichome count. You’ll know it when you see it. 


Smell is another signal to pay attention to. Flowers with a robust nose are indicative of high terpene content. Terpenes are highly sought after in rosin, so seek out flowers that exude a loud terpene profile. Both gassy and floral aromas are solid indicators of good flower for pressing. 

The Press Club How To Find the Best Flower for Pressing Rosin

Both terpene profiles and trichome production rely on strong plant genetics. Some genetics are simply better suited than others for rosin production, so sourcing strains like such as Chemdawg, Sour Diesel, and GG#4 will make a massive difference in both yield and quality of your final product. Check out our article on the best strains for pressing rosin here.

In addition to the actual quality and condition of your flower, it’s important to think about how you’ll be sourcing the material. Dispensaries offer the advantage of lab testing for both purity and potency. Lab testing ensures the flowers are both high in cannabinoid content and contaminant-free. A couple downsides to dispensary buds include concerns around freshness and cost inefficiency.  Dispensaries generally stock flowers that are pre-packaged by growers, and sometimes the buds will sit in jars or plastic packaging for weeks before they’re sold. Freshness at that point can be hit or miss.  You’re also paying a premium for dispensary flowers, and picking up any significant weight can cost a pretty penny.  

The ideal situation is that you’re able to grow your own cannabis flower at home, which gives you control of the entire process so you can guarantee a steady stream of quality cannabis flower. If you’re not able to grow your own, maybe you have friends or family with a green thumb disposition who can do you a solid.  


Flower rosin offers a fantastic way to capture the essence of the cannabis plant. Through knowledge of how to find the best cannabis flower for pressing rosin, you’ll set yourself up for many successful squishes and hours of glob-dropping enjoyment.  

Peaceful pressing!  




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