How To Make Moon Rocks with Rosin

Viviane Schute

Cannabis enthusiast and student of the art of solventless extraction

Moon Rocks are a cannabis confection so unique they appear to originate out of this world. Part cannabis flower and part cannabis concentrate, Moon Rocks present one of the most interesting and exciting ways to consume cannabis. Show up to any gathering with a jar of Moon Rocks and you and your novelty nugs will be the center of attention.

What makes Moon Rocks so special?

Moon rocks are cannabis flowers covered in oil and frosted with a layer of trichomes. The specific form of cannabis oil and trichomes varies, but the most exquisite way to make Moon Rocks involves rosin and bubble hash, with a properly trimmed, dried, and cured cannabis flower as the foundation.

The overall shape of the cannabis flower remains intact, while the coating of oil and trichomes creates a cratered look over the surface of the bud. This rounded yet irregular and asymmetrical look lends itself to the namesake, appearing as the common depiction of chunks of stones in space, or simply Moon Rocks.

Not to mention how high you can get with a few bong rips of Moon Rocks. Be ready to stay in space for hours!

What Do You Need To Make Moon Rocks?

Although the basic formula for creating Moon Rocks is unchanging, there is still some room for creativity in your own concoction. Regardless of which specific ingredients you use, if each component is of premium quality theres no doubt your final product will be absolute fire.

The base of Moon Rocks is dried and cured cannabis flower, rich in terpenes and covered in trichomes. While some Moon Rocks are made with hash oil as the sticky layer over the flower, premium Moon Rocks are coated with pure and potent rosin. Although kief can be used as the final layer, an outer frosting of high grade bubble hash completes the most premier Moon Rocks. Know how to rate your bubble hash? Learn how here.

Making Moon Rocks Step by Step

  1. Select a small piece of high quality bud, preferably one youve grown yourself in an ideal environment free of any synthetic nutrients or treatments. It should be well-manicured, covered in trichomes, and fully dried and cured.
  2. Prepare your rosin. Place a small amount of rosin (1-2 grams) in a glass jar with a wide opening and set on top of a heating pad on low heat. Or, if youre pressing rosin at home, place the jar on top of the lower rosin press plate at a low temp for a couple minutes, just long enough to make the rosin runny and more liquid.

3.Using your fingers, or a pair of tweezers, hold the bottom of the bud by the stem and roll it in the liquid rosin. Try to cover the outside of the bud as thoroughly as possible.

4.Lay out a gram or so of bubble hash on a sheet of parchment paper, spread thinly. Before the rosin has fully cooled and solidified, roll the rosin-coated bud around in the bubble hash to create an outer layer of frosting. Fully coat all sides of the bud with the bubble hash until you have a uniform blanket of trichome goodness around the entire surface.

5.Let the Moon Rock solidify and store in a sealed glass jar in a cool, dry, and dark place.

6.Prepare for liftoff! Enjoy Moon Rocks in a glass bowl, bong, or rolled into a joint or blunt.


Moon Rocks may not be part of your staple cannabis diet, but they offer a great way to shake things up and keep things interesting. Combining three forms of cannabis into one is a novelty for any occasion.

If you have the advantage of growing your own cannabis, you can make every ingredient right from home. Check out our guide to washing bubble hash here.

Next time youre looking for a break from the routine, make some Moon Rocks with rosin and bubble hash and enjoy the view from space.


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