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Pressing cannabis flower that contains high levels of CBD follows the same basic principles as pressing flowers high in THC.  

Obtain flower that’s been specifically bred to produce high levels of CBD, rather than industrial hemp flowers that aren’t optimized for cannabinoid production. While industrial hemp strains produce flowers, most hemp strains have traditionally been developed for food and fiber output, growing plants with long, strong stalks or robust seed output. The CBD flowers should be stacked with trichomes and exhibit a robust terpene profile.


In recent years, medical marijuana strains high in cannabinoid and terpene content have been crossed with industrial hemp cultivars to create plants that test low in THC and high in CBD and terpenes. The flowers from these special strains, sometimes referred to as medicinal hemp, are legal to buy, sell, and consume in all 50 states under the Federal 2018 Farm Bill.

The Press Club Pressing CBD Flower Rosin US Farm Bill

This represents an exciting step forward in the industry and unlocks access to CBD-rich cannabis for many people who might otherwise be challenged to find quality source material in some states. It also represents an opportunity for you to experiment with pressing CBD rosin!

When purchasing CBD flower, make sure your supplier has verified third-party test results to confirm cannabinoid content and lack of mold/mildew, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. With several high-quality US suppliers online shipping legal CBD flowers across all 50 states, you’ll have no problem sourcing only verified pure and potent material. 

You’ll want to find flowers with dense trichome production and a strong nose, which indicates a high amount of terpenes. Frosty flowers make it easier to extract rosin, and high-quality CBD-rich flowers look identical to their THC-rich counterparts. CBD flowers that look like medical marijuana are more desirable than flowers that look like industrial hemp. 

The Press Club Pressing CBD Flower Rosin


Overly dry flowers won’t yield the best rosin, so be sure that the moisture content is in the acceptable range. Ideally, you’re looking to store flowers in a container that’s hovering at 62% relative humidity. Humidity packets specifically rated for 55-62% humidity in mason jars with your flowers is an easy way to get your flowers in prime condition for the press. 

Once you’ve found quality source material and verified that it’s moisture content is within the ideal range, it’s time to prep the flowers for the press. Apply the same process you normally do for pressing THC flowers, which includes using quality-guaranteed bags like these at The Press Club

Once your source material is bagged and between the plates, gradually work your way up to the maximum pressure slowly, instead of applying the full load all at once. Aim to press your CBD flower between 200 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, it’s time to enjoy your CBD rosin. Dabbing rosin that contains the spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, minus the overwhelming dominance of THC, provides a unique and refreshing experience. The therapeutic effects of CBD are accentuated in a quality CBD rosin, and it’s no more difficult to produce than the THC-rich variety. It’s no surprise that a growing number of rosin connoisseurs are focused on creating the best CBD rosin possible. Let us know what you think about pressing CBD flowers in the comments below. 


What is CBD?
CBD is the second-most common cannabinoid found in cannabis after THC. CBD is therapeutic without bringing on the same head change as THC. 

What is CBD rosin?
CBD rosin is rosin that's pressed from flowers or hash that contain mostly CBD. 

Is CBD rosin the same thing as regular rosin?
CBD rosin looks and tastes similar to regular rosin, but it doesn't contain high amounts of THC. Yields can also be less with CBD rosin. 

Will CBD rosin make you high?
If there is THC present it can still make you high, but it likely won't give you the same cerebral shift as regular rosin. CBD rosin is more relaxing. 

Is it the same process to make CBD rosin?
Yes, you can use the same process to make CBD rosin as regular rosin. Note that yields are sometimes less with CBD rosin than regular rosin. 

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Have you tried combining a pure THC rosin and a pure CBD rosin with terpenes to make 1:1 cartridges? I want to be able to fine tune how rich it is and believe 2 separate strains will work.
Thanks Corinne

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