Streaming Premiere of Frenchy Dreams of Hashish Documentary & 2023 #hashporn Contest

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Frenchy Dreams of Hashish is a film that celebrates the cannabis plant, the farmer, and the hash-maker. It’s a unique look into both culture and industry, showcasing master hashishin Frenchy Cannoli’s lifelong pursuit of perfect hashish, while highlighting the ethos of sustainable, sun-grown cannabis. Starting with a simple walk in Barcelona with a camera, this journey eventually became an incredibly authentic documentary and a compelling tribute to Frenchy’s life’s work. Focusing through the lens of Northern California, the film addresses the importance of craft, quality, and perseverance in all cannabis-producing regions of the world. 

And now, it’s finally here for the world to see. 

The online premier is your chance to watch Frenchy’s film from the comfort of home, regardless of where in the world your home is. 

When is the Online Premiere of Frenchy Dreams of Hashish?

The long-anticipated premiere of this 90-minute film will take place on April 29th, 2023. 

Afterwards, log-on to the Livestream After-Party with Madame Cannoli, the filmmaker, and some of the farmers featured in the film. Watch them break out Frenchy’s hookah and demonstrate how to use it, answer questions about the film, make some music, and hang out with friends across time zones.

There are several different Livestream After-Parties which will be held separately, not simultaneously, in 3 time zones over the course of April 29th, starting at 7 pm in each time zone. Here are the zones:

Zone 1: Europe
Zone 2: Americas East Coast (including Latin America)
Zone 3: Americas West Coast (including Mexico and Hawaii)

Check out the Livestream After-Party hookah sesh from 8:30 pm European time onward.

The Livestream after-party will be available on:

Instagram: @FrenchyCannoli
Linkedin: FrenchyCannoli

Where Can I Watch the Premiere?

The film will be available as VOD on Vimeo. Sign up to receive an email on April 29th with a link to the Vimeo page here: The film will continue to be available online to watch anytime, at your convenience, after April 29th as well.

Want to Host an After-Party?

Take your experience to the next level and host an in-person after party at home with friends. Join the Livestream events after the film via your favorite social media platform.

Create an event and sell tickets to your hosted event. You’ll gain special access by joining the Livestream as a host. Talk to the filmmaker and some of the people involved in the film. Share a virtual hookah. Support the Origins Council + Lost Coast Farmers Guild fundraiser by donating 20% of ticket sale proceeds to the terroir study fund. 


Want to learn more? Send an email to Madame Cannoli to set up a time to talk about hosting an event:

A list of hosted events will be posted prior to April 29th for those looking to attend a local screening.

This Film Is Making a Difference


20% of proceeds from all screenings of the film, both in theaters and online, will be donated to the Origins Council, a nonprofit advocacy association that serves 900 licensed small and independent cannabis businesses in six legacy-producing counties throughout California. In turn, Origins Council will support their project with the Lost Coast Farmers’ Guild of Humboldt County to research and develop the Guild's petition to establish one of the first legally recognized cannabis appellations in the world.

There’s a lot to love about this worldwide premier! 


Back in the spring of 2020, Frenchy started what he called a little "hashish photo beauty contest" when the pandemic was taking its toll on in-person events. While he was frustrated with not being able to attend all the cool conferences, Cups, and events he had lined up in the spring of 2020, he decided to do something about it. A virtual competition was born, known as #hashporn on Instagram. 

Frenchy, Madame Cannoli, and the community enjoyed that inaugural Hashporn so much that they immediately did the 2nd one, and then started doing one for each 4/20, and then again for Frenchy's birthday in December. 

Now it’s time for Hashporn #6, which will run from Sunday, April 9th to Saturday, April 15th. 

Here’s how it works:

Post your photo entry to your Instagram feed, tagging @frenchycannoli and #hashporn6. Madame Cannoli will repost the best entries daily from April 9th to 15th with guidance from her guest judges. 

Note that not all entries will be reposted. This is a photo contest to show off beautiful work, therefore out-of-focus photos, messy photos, or uninspiring work will not be showcased. 

Learn more, including a list of all #hashporn categories, in the following post:


Frenchy said “everything starts with the land, the farmer, and the genetics”. It’s a powerful message, and it’s carried on through his legacy and the community he influenced so deeply. Frenchy Dreams of Hashish is a phenomenal film that reminds us of the energy behind Frenchy’s smile and his never-ending enthusiasm for his life’s work. Events like the virtual After-Party and the Hashporn competition keep the community connected. Even after his passing, Frenchy’s influence continues to grow. 

Thanks to Madame Cannoli for everything she does in service to the community while promoting the power of hashish. 

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