Top 3 Common Rosin Pressing Mistakes To Avoid

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Pressing rosin is still a relatively new art, although there are many great resources on the internet to teach you how to make pure, potent, and artisanal cannabis concentrate at home. But how about some pitfalls to avoid?  We’ve broken down some common rosin pressing mistakes into 3 main categories: 

  1. Material
  2. Equipment
  3. Process



Low Quality - Using material with low trichome production won’t yield much rosin. If the buds don’t smell like a bouquet when you break one open, your rosin won’t express an impressive terpene profile. If you want high-quality rosin, don’t use low-quality cannabis. 


The Press Club Avoid Mistakes Pressing Rosin

Not Fresh - As cannabis ages its trichomes oxidize, which leads to a darker rosin. Material should be recently dried and cured without excessive time spent in storage.  

Wrong Moisture Content - Using overly-dried buds will lead to disappointing results at the press. Use material that contains 62% humidity.





Poorly Designed Plates - low-quality or poorly designed heating elements within aluminum plates can lead to temperature variances across the surface of the plates. These temperature variances decrease the ability of rosin to flow freely and evenly away from the source material. It’s best to use plates specifically designed for pressing rosin, not hair straighteners and the like. 

Premium Rosin Press Plates from The Press Club are designed for extractors seeking to produce the highest quality rosin. 

Not The Right Press for Your Needs - A common misconception is that bigger always means better. You don't need an industrial grade press capable of 20 tons of pressure between a set of gigantic plates to extract top shelf rosin.  Similarly, if you're interested in squeezing more than a couple grams of rosin per week, that hair straightener may not be ideal in your situation.  Keep in mind that with rosin, less is more.  

Also, make sure you’re operating in a well-lit area. Low visibility can lead to inefficiencies and sloppy mistakes. Our hands-free light is a great way to help eliminate blindspots while you work. 

Low Quality Bags - Don’t use bags that aren’t built for high heat and pressure. Makeshift bags or bags made with low quality material and subpar stitching will lead to blowouts and/or inconsistent pressure on the source material. Use bags made with food grade nylon and solid stitching. The Press Club rosin bags also come pre-flipped with Zero Blowout Guarantee.

For more about equipment, check out our article What Equipment You Need to Press Rosin


The Press Club Avoid Temperature Mistakes Pressing Rosin


Too Much Heat - Don’t overcook your source material. Stay away from excessively high heat that might slightly increase yield but can greatly decrease the terpene profile by vaporizing them off the rosin. 


Too Much Pressure - More is not always better. Most beginners have a tendency to overdo the pressure. Learn how to properly calculate psi and start on the low end and gradually work up through experimentation. Learn how to calculate Platen PSI here.

Not Gradually Increasing Pressure - Don’t apply full pressure within the first few seconds of a press. Rather, increase pressure in increments, which will allow the maximum amount of rosin to flow. You’ll develop a feel for this over time. 

For more information about correct process, check out our How To Press Flower Rosin Starter Guide and How To Press Bubble Hash Rosin Starter Guide


Keep these pitfalls in mind, and remember, there is no failure in art. Keep experimenting and let us know in the comments below about some mistakes you’ve encountered in the past.  

Press on!✌🏽

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What's the worst mistake to make when pressing rosin?
Not starting with quality material is probably the worst mistake to make. 

What if you don't use quality starting material?
Low quality starting material will produce low quality rosin. 

What is the most important part of the process in pressing rosin?
There's not just one part, there are several factors that need to work together to produce quality rosin. Gradually increasing pressure and using the right amount of heat at the plates are both important variables to get right. 

What's the best way to learn from your mistakes?
Keeping good notes will allow you to go back and uncover mistakes so you can prevent them in the future. Check out our article How To Take Notes To Improve Your Rosin Production

How can you prevent making mistakes?
Experience is the best teacher. Keep pressing and soon you will learn how to avoid these common mistakes. Mistakes are just happy accidents. 

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