Top 5 Reasons to Use All Mesh Bubble Wash Bags

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All bubble wash bags utilize the same basic technology, but not all wash bags are created equal. Although every wash bag incorporates mesh sieving screens into a bag-shaped design, the actual construction and materials of wash bags can differ. Traditionally, bubble wash bags were made with waterproof nylon side walls attached to a mesh screen at the base of the bag. Water can only pass through the mesh screens at the bottom of these bags, essentially limiting the surface area through which the ice water extraction actually takes place. All water draining through traditional bubble wash bags happens exclusively at the very bottom of the bag, since water can’t pass through the nylon side wall. 

So what are all mesh bubble wash bags? As the name implies, they’re bubble wash bags that don’t have waterproof nylon sidewalls, but are made entirely of mesh sieving material. This design allows water to drain through the surface area of the entire bag, not just the very bottom like traditional wash bags. All mesh bags have been gaining in popularity, as extractors learn through experience that eliminating side walls in bubble wash bags offers a compelling set of benefits. When it comes to side walls in wash bags, less is actually more. 

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#1 Saves Production Time

All mesh bubble wash bags allow water to drain through the entire surface area of the bags, not just at the very bottom as with traditional wash bags. Traditional wash bags prevent water from draining out of the sides of the bag with the waterproof nylon sidewall construction. This means that a bag fully filled with water can only drain as quickly as the water can flow through the limited amount of mesh filter screen at the bottom. But with a full mesh wash bag, the water is free to flow out of the bottom as well as the sides. 

The more surface area through which water can flow leads to faster draining. And faster draining saves overall production time. As soon as the water drains completely through the bag, the mesh can be rinsed and the hash collected. 

#2 Less stress on back   

All mesh bags save both production time and stress on the back due to faster draining. It’s common to lift up and hold bubble wash bags with both hands while allowing water to drain through the mesh filter and into a collection vessel. 



Repeating this action with heavy bags again and again through multiple rounds of washing puts a lot of strain on the extractors’ back. Using all mesh bags reduces draining time and the amount of time the extractor needs to hold up the bags. 

Another factor that can help reduce stress on the back is the lighter weight of the all mesh bags compared to traditional wash bags. Without the extra weight of waterproof nylon sidewalls, all mesh bags weigh less than traditional wash bags. 

You can learn more about how to reduce stress on your back in our article Best Tips To Reduce Stress on Your Back While Washing Hash. 

#3 Less Stress on the Wash Bags

All mesh wash bags undergo less stress overall on the seams and material than traditional wash bags, thanks to the faster draining time and lighter weight of all mesh bubble wash bags. This reduction of stress on the bag can increase longevity of the bags. 

Even the highest quality bags undergo stress as water takes time to drain through, and reducing this stress on material and stitching is always a positive. 

 #4 No Waterproof Nylon Material To Potentially Flake Off Over Time 


The waterproof nylon sidewalls of traditional wash bags must be of the highest quality to avoid deterioration over time. For the lesser-quality brand wash bags made with cheap nylon material, the waterproof sidewalls can break down and release tiny fibers into the water. 


These fibers can end up in the final product, and the last thing you want in your hash is fragments of nylon.  

All mesh wash bags aren’t made with the waterproof nylon of traditional bags, which minimizes the risk of minuscule fragments of material breaking away over time. All mesh material is less prone to breakdown with normal wear and tear over time. 

Always source high quality bubble wash bags from brands like The Press Club to protect against tiny fibers ending up in your hash. 

#5 Stays Cleaner Than Traditional Work Bags

Nylon sidewalls of traditional bubble wash bags are more difficult to clean than the mesh screen. Trichomes get stuck on the sidewalls and cake together if they’re not thoroughly rinsed off after each run. Even with thorough rinsing, waterproof sidewalls are more prone to catch and hold trichomes than the mesh screen material. 

All mesh bubble wash bags are easier to rinse off and clean between rounds. Learn more about cleaning in our article How To Correctly Clean Bubble Wash Bags. 





Traditional wash bags with waterproof sidewalls are still the most popular bags on the market. Their design is tried and true, and they’re the original bags in the industry. When combined with the proper washing process, traditional wash bags can create the highest quality of hash available. 

However, the all mesh style of wash bags offer clear advantages, and many extractors are making the switch. Have you tried washing with all mesh wash bags? Let us know in the comments!

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Are full mesh bags better than regular bubble wash bags?
Full mesh bags are generally considered better than traditional bubble wash bags with waterproof nylon sidewalls.

What is the main benefit of all mesh bubble wash bags?
While there are many benefits, one of the most easily recognizable benefit is the faster draining time of all mesh bags. 

Why do full mesh bubble wash bags cost more?
Full mesh bubble wash bags are often priced a bit higher than traditional bubble wash bags due to the premium mesh filter material used throughout. All mesh bags create a complete surface area with consistent micron accuracy, offering a clear advantage over wash bags with sidewalls. 

How long do full mesh bubble wash bags last?
Full mesh bubble wash bags from a good manufacturer like The Press Club are designed and constructed to last a lifetime. All mesh bags will undergo a lot of stress with hundreds of rounds of washing, but if they're properly cleaned, dried, and stored, they can last many years. 

What size of full mesh bubble wash bags should I use?
As with traditional bubble wash bags, the size of full mesh wash bags you use depends on the amount of cannabis material you're washing. 5 gallon bags are the most common size for home extractors, and can wash 3-8 ounces of cannabis. Read more about different sizes of bags in our article How Much Cannabis Do I Need To Make Bubble Hash?


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