What Is The Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Pressing?



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Next to rolling paper for cannabis flowers, parchment paper may be the most popular type of paper in the cannabis industry (with paper money being a close runner up). But what exactly is parchment paper, and why is it in such high demand? 

Parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that’s been treated and coated to make it non-stick and resistant to high heat. The main “non-sticky” factor comes from a thin layer of silicone that’s applied to the paper during manufacturing. 


So how is parchment paper used in rosin? It actually has several uses (e.g. short-term rosin storage solution), but it’s main value for extractors is its ability to effectively catch the fresh dripping rosin as it’s squeezed out of the cannabis material during extraction. Without quality parchment to catch, contain, and direct the flow of rosin, you’d end up with a sticky mess on your plates and press with no good way to collect your ruined rosin.

Parchment paper protects both your rosin, your press, and your plates. The very first thing your freshly made rosin will touch is parchment paper, so make sure you go with a quality product that’s worthy of the job. You don’t want to compromise on parchment paper.

With so many parchment paper manufacturers, how do you know which brand you should use specifically for rosin? Let’s start with some things you want to avoid. 

Parchment paper for rosin extraction purposes shouldn’t be a thin and overly flimsy paper that’s hard to work with and prone to tearing. Paper that’s not food grade, high heat and solvent-resistant, and FDA approved doesn’t make the cut. 

If it feels too flimsy and fragile in your hands, it’s not up to the task. 

When you’re shopping for parchment paper for rosin pressing, strength and durability should be at the top of the list. You don’t want a parchment paper that’s prone to tearing or bursting under the heat and pressure of a rosin press. 

Be sure the parchment is coated on one side with silicone, which will not only make the surface non stick, but will contribute to the paper’s effectiveness in resisting heat and terpene degradation. Silicon provides the “rosin release” that you want when it’s time for collection.

Terpenes produced by the cannabis plant are naturally occurring solvents that can actually dissolve other substances. Using a parchment paper that’s not designed specifically for rosin extraction can lead to bleeding through and staining on your plates and other gear. 


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The Press Club parchment paper is specifically designed for rosin extraction. It’s got all the qualities to look for in rosin-grade parchment, in 5x5inch pre cut sheets or entire rolls so that you can easily customize your own sizes. 

Plus it’s backed with a satisfaction guarantee and full 365-day warranty in case you don’t love the product. 

Select a rosin parchment paper that can be your workhorse at the press. Parchment paper definitely isn’t a glamorous element of your extraction process, but it plays a critical role that shouldn’t be neglected. And beyond it’s basic functionality, the right parchment paper will make the pressing process easier and more enjoyable, with the reliability and convenience of a premium product. 

Happy Pressing!




What is the best parchment paper to use for rosin?
Use parchment paper made for pressing rosin. The parchment paper should be thick and durable with a generous layer of silicone coating. The Press Club parchment paper is designed for rosin and is the best choice for solventless extraction.

What is the best brand for rosin parchment paper?
The Press Club makes parchment paper specifically designed for rosin production. Our specialty blend of paper is 2x thicker than store bought parchment paper, which helps prevent tears during extraction. 

Can you reuse parchment paper for rosin?
One you've collected rosin from parchment paper with a dabber tool or rosin stamp, consider the parchment finished. You can squish multiple bags in the same sheet of rosin paper, but once you've collected the rosin it's time for a fresh sheet of parchment. 

Is parchment paper toxic?
No, parchment paper is not toxic. It's made with food-grade materials like plant cellulose and coated with a heat-proof layer that won't leach into your products. 

How Much Does Parchment Paper Cost?
High quality, durable parchment paper is well worth the cost. It's most economical to purchase by the roll. You can spend under $30 for an entire roll of parchment paper made specifically for rosin. 



I just purchased a press. Not sure what temperature or how much press to use to press my products. Also how much time I should keep the pressure on .


the main feature of paper you need to know when shopping for one to do the pressing is its weigh – 55 lb is absolute top, 35 lb is fine, food grade is not that heavy so you should know

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