📌 What's the Problem with Cheap Rosin Bags & Bubble Bags on Amazon?

Viviane Schute        

Cannabis enthusiast and student of the art of solventless extraction


It may be tempting to save a few dollars by purchasing the most inexpensive rosin filter bags and bubble wash bags online. Dozens of companies have sprung up in recent years, opportunistically jumping on the solventless bandwagon with their ability to quickly manufacture low-quality products in hopes of appealing to undiscerning buyers. While their cut-rate bags might fit into even the slimmest budgets, they can quickly become counterproductive and even detrimental to your output.  

Cheap rosin bags and bubble bags on Amazon are cheap for a reason....here are the top things to look out for when purchasing rosin bags on Amazon:

Made From Incorrect Material

Manufacturers will use lower quality nylon or nylon substitutes (polyester, acetate, acrylic) to make rosin bags. This subpar material is not up to the task of processing cannabis, especially in the presence of heat and pressure. High quality nylon is required to withstand the rigors of solventless production without stretching or tearing. High quality nylon is essential. 

All rosin filter bags and bubble wash bags from The Press Club are made with high quality nylon, which is the best material available for solventless production. 

Cheap material can also flake off during washing and sieving, potentially leaving tiny fibers in the hash. Plastic in the hash will become plastic in the lungs, and we definitely don't want that! Simply using nylon isn't enough, the nylon must be of the appropriate quality to hold up and resist flaking off during ice water extraction. 




Not 100% Food-Grade 

If manufacturers of questionable reputation are using alternative (cheaper) types of material to make their rosin bags and bubble bags, do you think they care whether the material is food grade or not? Materials classified as food grade are the safest for solventless production. Using only food-grade nylon is not a priority for many manufacturers that are in the business of cranking out the cheapest products possible. 

Nylon that's not food-grade or high heat resistant can actually contaminate your final product. The last thing you want to do is apply heat and pressure to a rosin bag that can't handle it, then consequently end up with synthetic additives pressed into your rosin. Contamination in your rosin can then make its way into your lungs! 

Anything that comes into contact with cannabis resin should ideally be food grade. This is especially true for rosin bags and bubble wash bags. Food grade nylon has the wear resistance, toughness, and low coefficient of friction that makes it safe for contact with cannabis concentrates. 

The Press Club uses only 100% food-grade nylon in all of our rosin bags and bubble bags, so you can have peace of mind that the nylon is completely safe for use in solventless processing.  

Made In China 

Cheap rosin bags and bubble wash bags on Amazon are often made by people who don't even know what rosin is! The popular explosion of solventless production techniques has created a ripe environment for opportunistic sellers, driven only by short-term profits.  Their main driver is to produce bags as cheaply and quickly as possible. 


Rarely are China-based brands capable of creating dependable gear for the solventless community. 

Doesn't Support The Community

If you're like us, it's important to know where your money is going and who it's supporting. Most of the cheap bags on Amazon are sold by people abroad who don't know a thing about our community. On the other hand, it's incredibly gratifying to know where and how your money is supporting what you love.

The Press Club supports the solventless community with not only high quality equipment for extractors, but through partnerships and sponsorships with other leaders in the solventless space. Our goal is to help the entire community grow together.

Not Micron Accurate 


Both rosin bags and bubble wash bags function by filtering, or sieving, cannabis resin from the remaining cannabis starting material. The pore sizes in these filters are measured in microns, a unit of measurement that captures the distance between threads in nylon mesh filters. 

A variety pore sizes allow extractors to target only the resin-packed trichome heads while letting everything else, like tiny pieces of plant contamination, to fall through the filter. Specific microns are used in specific use cases, for example to press flowers or to press bubble hash. A 90-micron bag is good for pressing cannabis flowers, but not for pressing hash. 25-micron bags are best for pressing hash. 

It's important to use bags that maintain their form and structure through the rigors of solventless extraction. This goes for the heat and pressure for pressing rosin, and cold water agitation for ice water extraction (washing bubble hash). For the filters to perform uniformly and accurately, the micron size needs to remain consistent. The threads also need to remain fixed in place, so that the filters don't contain an array of micron sizes. Every pore size should be the same, and this is only possible in high quality nylon with consistent micron accuracy. 

Read more in our article Why Is Micron Accuracy Important for Solventless Extractions?

Lower Temperature Tolerance 

Pressing rosin is about applying heat and pressure over time, so you need to make sure that your rosin bag can take the heat! A lot of bags have a low temperature tolerance so pressing at higher temperatures will cause the bags to melt. 

If you're using high quality nylon that's also food-grade, then you should be good to go. Just verify that the material can safely withstand temperatures around 250 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking down or melting. 

Any rosin filter bags that you purchase from The Press Club is made with nylon that will easily withstand the high temperatures used to press rosin. 


You may save a few dollars up front buying cheap rosin and bubble bags on Amazon, but is it really worth it? We think not. You may save a few dollars today, but the negative impact to your final product can easily outweigh those negligible cost savings. 

Lots of time and energy goes into growing and processing cannabis trichomes. Don't let cheap gear hold you back from creating the highest quality solventless products possible. 

The Press Club has you covered with premium products for pressing rosin, washing hash, and dry sifting. Hit us up today!

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Should you buy the most expensive rosin and bubble bags available?
The most expensive rosin and bubble bags are not by default the best products, however premium quality does come with a price. If your aim is to produce the highest quality rosin and bubble hash possible, then using the right bags for pressing and sieving is a key part of the formula. 

Should you buy the cheapest rosin and bubble bags available?
We recommend against buying the cheapest rosin and bubble wash bags available, due to the unreliability of those products and the potential to negatively impact your solventless concentrates. 

What company makes the best quality rosin and hash equipment?
The Press Club is your home for premium solventless processing equipment, serving the cannabis community since 2017. 

What is food grade nylon?
Food grade nylon is deemed safe for contact with food without leaching chemicals into the food. Anything that comes into contact with cannabis resin should ideally be food grade. This is especially true for rosin bags and bubble wash bags. Food grade nylon has the wear resistance, toughness, and low coefficient of friction that makes it safe for contact with cannabis concentrates. 

Is it okay to buy solventless equipment that's made in China?
There's nothing inherently wrong with sourcing solventless processing gear like rosin bags and bubble wash bags from China, but chances are that those manufacturers are not plugged into the cannabis community and they are not using the ideal quality of materials. So if you're sourcing from China, make sure the quality will meet expectations. 


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