Which Cannabis Strains Are Best for Washing Bubble Hash?

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When it comes to finding the best cannabis strains for washing bubble hash, it all comes down to the trichomes. Trichomes are the tiny translucent appendages that glisten like grains of sugar on cannabis flowers, and they hold the key to the plant’s therapeutic benefits. The art of ice water extraction involves isolating, collecting, and preserving these miniscule globes. 

Some strains produce trichome heads that are better fit for ice water extraction than others. Knowing which strains to target, and the similar qualities that those strains share, is important when sourcing cannabis material for washing hash.

With a good strain grown in the proper environment, a quality batch of cannabis should produce 3% and above yields of bubble hash (measured by wet, fresh frozen material to dried bubble hash). 

What makes a strain good for washing hash?

While it’s possible to wash any cultivar for bubble hash, not all strains will dump enough trichomes to justify the extraction process.


Cannabis cultivars that are best for washing hash produce resinous flowers with lots of capitate-stalked trichomes. Capitate-stalked trichomes can be seen with the naked eye and consist of a stalk with a large bulbous head. This gland head is held together by a cuticle layer which surrounds all the precious cannabinoids and terpenes in a protective membrane. 

Some cannabis cultivars are known for producing trichomes with a cuticle that lends itself to successful ice water extraction. Other cultivars produce trichomes with cuticles that don’t hold up during a wash and prematurely release the oils during extraction. 

Good strains to wash have trichomes that easily release the glandular head at the top of the stalk. Some strains have a weak connection between stalk and head, which is desirable in good strains for hash. The weak connection allows the head to fall off more easily during extraction.  

Finally, the best strains for washing hash also have a strong bud structure that produces good yields in the garden. 

What makes a strain bad for washing bubble hash?

Some strains don’t qualify for hash making due to the modest number of trichomes on the plant, while other strains exhibit trichomes that don’t have the right quality to hold up during ice water extraction. 

Some strains don’t qualify for hash making due to the modest number of trichomes on the plant, while other strains exhibit trichomes that don’t have the right quality to hold up during ice water extraction. 

If trichomes dissolve and release too much oil during ice water extraction, that strain isn’t a great candidate for washing hash.

Trichomes should have heads that can release from the stalk with ice water and agitation. If the connection between stalk and head is too strong (a characteristic of some strains), then the trichome heads won’t be properly isolated and collected during extraction. 

Cultivars that produce flowers with a bland terpene profile, subpar taste, or unexceptional nose aren’t the best candidates for bubble hash. 


Phenotype Hunting

If growing from seeds, a little pheno-hunting is necessary. Every plant from seed will manifest genetic variances called phenotypes. Some phenotypes within a specific cultivar will be better for washing bubble hash than others. 

Once the best pheno is identified, you’ll be able to take cuttings for incredibly predictable and consistent results. 

That said, the following list is a great starting point in your quest for the perfect cannabis strain to wash:


  • GMO 
  • Gorilla Glue and GG crosses (heavy producer great yields) 
  • Chemdawg 
  • Cookies and Cookies crosses
  • Miracle Alien Cookies and crosses
  • Cherry Pie 
  • Purple Punch 
  • OG Kush  
  • NYC Diesel 
  • Harlequin 
  • The White 
  • Ice 
  • White Widow 



The above strains produce trichome heads better fit for ice water extraction than many other popular strains out there. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and plant genetics are only one variable in determining good cannabis for washing hash. The plants must be cultivated in an ideal environment, harvested at the right time, and correctly handled for extraction as well.

The quality of trichomes is, however, largely determined by genetics. Therefore, knowing which strains are best for washing hash provides a great roadmap as you’re just getting started with washing hash. Or, if you’re experienced with certain strains but you’re looking to broaden your horizons and experiment with new material, this list can point you in the right direction. 


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