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📌What Is the Purpose of Using Different Micron Bubble Wash Bags for Ice Water Extraction?

Wash bags are the central piece of gear used in the ice water extraction process, a solventless method of making bubble hash. Wash bags are nylon bags that fit inside of a bucket and stack one inside of the other, secured along the top rim of the bucket. Wash bags are made in various sizes to accommodate different amounts of cannabis material.


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The Difference between Drying, Curing, Storing, and Aging Cannabis

Drying, curing, storing, and aging are distinct phases of preparation and preservation for cannabis. All the care and skill required to grow premium cannabis is only meaningful when the best qualities of the living plant can be maintained and even enhanced after harvest. What happens to cannabis after it’s harvested, and how the resulting solventless concentrates are cured and stored, have a significant impact on the quality that the consumer will enjoy.
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Bubble Hash Washing Vessel Insulation Guide

If you want to wash bubble hash there’s one thing you need without question, and that’s ice cold water. In addition to a set of quality bubble wash bags, frigid water is central to the process of creating solventless hash. Mixing cannabis flowers or trim leaves and ice water together in a wash bucket allows trichome heads to fall away from their stalks and separate from the unwanted plant material. The cold temperature of the water makes the trichome stalks brittle enough to break, and also minimizes the likelihood that the heads will rupture and leak their valuable resin.
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How To Use a Pre-Press Mold

Pre-press molds allow extractors to quickly and conveniently compress cannabis material in preparation for rosin extraction. Compacting starting material eliminates gaps and inconsistencies throughout the flower, sift, or bubble hash within a rosin filter bag, allowing for an even flow of rosin as pressure is applied during extraction. If the cannabis material contains pockets of empty space, these mini chasms will collect and hold the freshly-squeezed rosin and prevent it from flowing through the filter bag and onto the parchment paper for collection.
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What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is a type of cannabis concentrate, a collection of the plant’s most potent attributes, made using a simple and chemical-free extraction process. Bubble hash, or simply “bubble” is a pure and potent form of cannabis medicine, perfect to consume by itself or to use as a starting material for other forms of cannabis concentrates. Bubble is not only incredibly powerful and effective, but it’s clean as well. Bubble hash is referred to as a solventless cannabis product, since no solvents are used to create it.
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How To Use a Work Cube for Washing Bubble Hash

Work cubes are enclosed mesh filter bags used to hold cannabis starting material during the mixing phase of ice water extraction. Work cubes are similar to regular open-ended work bags in that they utilize the 220-micron filter screen size, however they’re designed to fully contain the cannabis material with a top lid that zips closed. Cube work bags are also made entirely with 220-micron mesh so that the total surface area acts as a filter.
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What Is the Best Environment for Hang Drying Cannabis Flowers?

There’s more to cannabis cultivation than simply growing high quality flowers from premium genetics. After plants are grown to full maturity and the flowers are carefully harvested, drying remains a key piece of the puzzle that allows the buds to reach their full potential. Drying is a make or break process that can raise your cannabis to trophy-level status or actually diminish its therapeutic value. Without proper drying techniques, the best flowers from the best genetics will fall short of delivering the optimum effects.
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What Is the Purpose of Aging Bubble Hash?

The transformations in bubble hash that take place over time seem magical, in part because a scientific understanding of what’s happening, and why, still isn’t clear. Texture, taste, and smell of hash change as the product ages, and there are certain things that a hashishin can do to allow the passage of time to enhance instead of degrade. The goal of aging bubble hash is comparable to aging wine or whiskey. An 18 year old scotch is more desirable than a 2-year. It becomes smoother and more mellow over time, yet also more complex and intriguing to the senses.
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How To Cure Cannabis Flowers

Curing is the process of slowly reducing moisture content in cannabis flowers within a controlled environment over multiple weeks or months. Although curing involves the evaporation of water content from cannabis, it’s not the same thing as the initial drying process which takes place immediately after harvest. First cannabis is harvested, then it’s hung to dry, then it’s cured. But what are the benefits to curing cannabis flowers, and is it always necessary?
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How Long to Mix Cannabis and Ice Water for Washing Bubble Hash

Washing hash involves mixing ice water and cannabis material together in order to separate trichome heads and isolate them through a series of mesh filter bags. The same material can be washed multiple times, and for varying lengths of time with each round of washing. The length of washing time impacts the number of trichomes released from the material, as well as the amount of plant contaminant that may end up in your hash.
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How To Harvest Cannabis for Peak Trichome Ripeness

In order to enjoy the fullest potential of what the cannabis plant has to offer, it’s important to harvest when its flowers are producing the maximum amount of therapeutic compounds. If the flowers are harvested too early, many of the beneficial compounds exist only in their precursor forms or in underwhelming amounts. If harvested too late, the cannabinoid content may begin to decrease or convert into compounds with less desirable effects. Therefore, harvesting at peak ripeness is key
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What Causes Color Differences in Rosin?

Light color is a positive indicator of quality in the world of solventless cannabis extracts. Off white with a slightly golden hue, like a very light honey, conveys the purity of a concentrate made up almost entirely of fresh resin heads. A light color demonstrates a lack of plant contaminants, which is always the goal in creating solventless extracts. What else can color differences tell us about rosin? There are multiple variables that can impact the color of rosin.
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What Are the Benefits of Whipping Rosin?

Whipping rosin is a common practice, yet it’s also a point of contention in the solventless community. Some extractors whip rosin to stabilize an otherwise unstable product, willingly sacrificing some terpene content for an unchanging consistency. Others refuse to intentionally modify fresh rosin, opting instead to preserve rosin in its natural and potentially shape-shifting form. What does it mean to whip rosin?
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Top 10 Hash Rosin Pressing Tips

In the pursuit of utmost purity and potency combined with mouth-watering flavor and deeply therapeutic effects, solventless extractors producing premium grade hash rosin reside at the forefront of cannabis industry achievement. What makes hash rosin so special is its unadulterated representation of the cannabis plant’s most valued qualities. It is the concentrated essence of the healing power of cannabis. And with the right material, equipment, and process, anyone can consistently craft this coveted cannabis extract.
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Average Bubble Hash Washing Yields

✅ Updated 10/24/21Bubble hash is one of the cleanest and most versatile of all solventless cannabis concentrates. Made with just cannabis, ice water, and a series of filter bags, bubble hash is relatively easy to produce with minimal equipment and processing time. Bubble hash, or ice water hash as it’s also called, can be enjoyed by itself or used as starting material for hash rosin production. When cannabis material is mixed with ice and water, the resin glands which abound on quality cannabis are broken away from the plant left suspended in the ice water mixture. These resin glands, or trichome heads, are then filtered out of the water using a set of filter screens known as bubble hash washing bags.
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Top 10 Rosin Warm Curing Tips

Warm curing is known to bring about some drastic changes in the texture and consistency of rosin. A variety of the Jar Tech Method of curing rosin, warm curing involves placing rosin into a sealed glass jar and exposing it to heat for several days. It doesn’t require any specialty equipment, even an oven will work just fine. But there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when going for the warm curing approach. Warm curing follows most of the same principles as cold curing, but it leverages the power of heat to bring about changes in the look and feel, and even the taste, of rosin.
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Top 20 Best Tips for Washing Hash

Although hashish is an ancient form of solventless cannabis concentrate, the process of mixing ice water and cannabis flowers to produce it, the technique known as washing hash, is still a recent innovation. It wasn’t until the late 1980’s and early 90’s that the first hash runs were made by stirring together cold water and cannabis plant material, and gathering the resin as it separated from the rest of the material and settled to the bottom of a collection vessel. Later iterations of the process involved a series of filter screens to isolate and collect trichome heads from the slurry of ice water and cannabis.
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Top 10 Rosin Cold Curing Tips

Cold curing continues to be a hot topic in rosin, consistently delivering results that speak for themselves. Curing is the final step in rosin production, and it’s the chance to see the stunning results of chemistry in action. Cold curing creates the right environment for rosin to transform in texture and consistency, often from a greasy sap to a nice firm batter. The right cure can bring about both depth and subtlety in flavor that doesn’t exist in “right off the press” rosin dabs, and help amplify the nose.
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What is Delta-8 THC?

If you’re keeping a pulse on the cannabis industry landscape, then it’s likely that Delta-8 THC has made its way onto your radar. Delta-8, or D8 as it’s also called, is a close cousin of the cannabis plant’s most preeminent cannabinoid, Delta-9 THC. While D8 may only vary slightly in molecular structure from its analog Delta-9, it delivers a uniquely enjoyable experience with meaningful therapeutic value.
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How Many Times Can I Wash Cannabis for Bubble Hash?

Cannabis material requires multiple rounds of washing and filtering to fully realize its potential during the ice water extraction process. Rarely will cannabis dump all it’s resin glands in just the first wash. 5-10 rounds of washing is not uncommon to fully process a single batch of material, and even then it’s possible that some medicine is left behind. So how many times can you really wash a single batch of material for bubble hash?
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Why Is RO Water Best for Washing Bubble Hash?

✅ Updated 10/2Water is one of the key components of Ice Water Extraction, also known as washing hash. While there are other ways to make hash, such as Dry Sifting, mixing ice cold water and cannabis is generally seen as the most efficient way to create the highest grades of solventless cannabis concentrate. Making the best hash requires premium cannabis material, a set of high quality Hash Washing Bags, and cold, clean water.Ice water is used to knock off trichome heads from the tiny stalks that hold them to the cannabis plant
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