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How To Create An Integrated Water Collection Vessel

Washing hash involves a lot of water. From the mixing vessel, through the sieving bags, and then out for drainage, water flows throughout the process. A slapdash setup can lead to water sloshing around everywhere, potentially ending up in the floor creating operational hazards and an overall sloppy environment. This is not what we want in the lab.
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Top 10 Reasons for Using a False Bottom While Washing

What is a false bottom on a washing vessel for ice water extraction? A false bottom is a flat, stainless steel insert that fits into the bottom of a washing vessel. With a circumference matching that of the washing vessel, false bottoms look like either grated or swiss cheese steel plates. False bottoms contain many small holes which keep ice from settling against the very bottom of the washing vessel, while allowing trichomes to fall through for collection later.
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Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Collect The Terpenes From A Freeze Dryer

Loose resin isn’t the only solventless concentrate you can pull from your freeze dryer. With just a few basic supplies and a straightforward process, you can collect solventless terpenes from the freeze dryer after the drying cycle is complete. Let’s take a look at the tools and techniques you need to collect terpenes from your freeze dryer.
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How To Properly Soak & Germinate Seeds In Water

Todde Philips 🇺🇸 Retired veteran, father, rock-climbing expert & rosin connoisseur. Most people reading The Press Club articles are familiar with what it means to germinate cannabis seeds. But if...
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Can You Really Cure Rosin With An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of using sound waves to agitate and clean a variety of items. As high-frequency sound waves (ranging from 20-40 kilohertz) pass through a fluid, they create vibrations that form micro-bubbles inside the fluid. The constant vibration of these tiny bubbles causes contaminants to separate out and rise to the surface, where they are destroyed. Ultrasonic cleaners can clean many different types of objects, like industrial parts, jewelry, scientific samples, firearm components, electronic equipment and many more.
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How To Dab Bubble Hash the Right Way

Most solventless extraction artists use loose resin, or bubble hash, to make rosin for dabbing. Although it’s not as common to dab bubble hash as it is to dab rosin, the finest quality hash is actually great for dabbing. If you know the right techniques, loose resin can actually rival rosin dabs. Can’t you just dab bubble hash the same way you dab rosin? Yes you can, but there are certain ways you can improve bubble hash dabs.
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The United States DEA Moves To Reclassify Cannabis

At long last, the United States Federal Government is changing its tune on cannabis! For decades, the DEA has waged a futile “war on drugs”, with cannabis as the standout target. As a Schedule 1 drug, cannabis was grouped with heroin as a drug with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. With the wave of scientific studies over the last two decades that have demonstrated the medicinal value of cannabis, this classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug didn’t have legs to stand on.
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Washing Hash: Ice vs Iceless Water Extraction

Ice water extraction is the method of removing trichomes from the cannabis flowers on which they grow to produce a solventless extract called bubble hash. Ice Water extraction, or washing hash, involves using cold water and a set of nylon sieves, called bubble wash bags. Hash makers mix together cold water and cannabis material to remove the trichomes from the material, then filter out the trichomes using the sieving bags.
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