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What Is Living Soil?

Living soil is a growing medium that’s rich with organic matter, earth minerals, and other compounds that create a perfect ecosystem for microscopic life. Living soil is teeming with microbes which can be incredibly beneficial to growing cannabis. Living soil allows cannabis roots to absorb all the nutrients that the plant requires in order to not only thrive, but to produce the highest quality resin. Living soil isn’t just any old “dirt”. It’s characterized by rich biodiversity and microbial activity.
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What's the Difference: Home vs. Pharmaceutical Harvest Right Freeze Dryers & What We Recommend For Drying Bubble Hash

Freeze drying utilizes the process of sublimation to remove moisture from wet objects. Most commonly used for drying and preserving food, freeze dryers also work great for drying loose resin, or bubble hash. While it’s possible to allow wet hash to air dry loose resin through the process of evaporation, sublimation inside a freeze dryer speeds up the process, reducing oxidation and preserving more terpenes.
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Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Firmware 4.0.56 - Required Update For Home Freeze Dyers

The Harvest Right brand of freeze dryers is arguably the best brand for drying bubble hash. However, there are two separate versions of Harvest Right freeze dryers that include different default settings, and this leads to a difference in performance between the two. These two versions are the home and pharmaceutical Harvest Right freeze dryers.
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How To Make Tincture Using Bubble Hash or Rosin

Tinctures offer an alternative way to ingest cannabis without smoking or vaping. Dabbing is the most popular way to enjoy rosin, while smoking is common for high-quality bubble hash. But both bubble hash and rosin can also make great sources for creating potent tinctures. Tinctures themselves have something in common with our favorite solventless cannabis products: they’re straightforward to make with minimal equipment right from home. What Is a Tincture?
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How to Use a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer to Make Bubble Hash (& Recommended Shelf Temp / Freeze Times)

Freeze drying is the ideal way to dry bubble hash. Loose resin that’s collected using ice water extraction comes out wet. If it’s not properly dried, it can quickly and easily get moldy. While it’s definitely possible to air dry bubble hash, and create a premium hash while doing so, there are some downsides to air drying. Air drying takes several days, and requires lots of space to spread the trichomes in a thin layer. Air drying also allows oxidation to occur
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Can You Use the Same Water To Wash Bubble Hash Multiple Times?

Collecting loose resin via ice water extraction is a relatively low-cost and extremely effective way to make bubble hash. Everything starts with high quality cannabis material which are the mature flowers and trichome-covered leaves that surround them. Mixing cannabis with ice-cold water creates an environment where trichomes (most notably the globe-shaped heads of the trichomes) can fall away from the plant they once grew from. The heads get mixed in with everything else until the hash maker sieves them through a series of filters called bubble wash bags.
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How to Use Gravity to Drain Water from a Bubble Hash Washing Vessel

Washing hash involves two main stages, agitating cannabis and ice water together, then running that water through a series of sieving bags called bubble wash bags. Agitation happens inside a mixing vessel, which could be an automatic washing machine, or a simple bucket or barrel that allows hash makers to mix cannabis and ice water with a paddle by hand. Washing machines come with a drain already installed, although it’s a good idea to change out the drainage hose if it’s a corrugated hose.
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Top 10 Tips on How To Prepare Your Harvest for Fresh Frozen

Here at The Press Club, we love using fresh frozen cannabis to wash bubble hash. It’s tough to beat the explosive flavor, unmistakable aroma, and stunning clarity of loose resin that’s collected from cannabis harvested with fresh frozen preparations. Fresh frozen captures the most vibrant and unique qualities of the ripe cannabis flower, preserving terpenes and slowing down the process of oxidation to levels that dried and cured buds can’t match. While correctly harvesting cannabis for fresh frozen starting material isn’t the only trick to producing
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