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📌What Is the Purpose of Using Different Micron Bubble Wash Bags for Ice Water Extraction?

Wash bags are the central piece of gear used in the ice water extraction process, a solventless method of making bubble hash. Wash bags are nylon bags that fit inside of a bucket and stack one inside of the other, secured along the top rim of the bucket. Wash bags are made in various sizes to accommodate different amounts of cannabis material.


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📌 What's the Problem with Cheap Rosin Bags & Bubble Bags on Amazon?

It may be tempting to save a few dollars by purchasing the most inexpensive rosin filter bags and bubble wash bags online. Dozens of companies have sprung up in recent years, opportunistically jumping on the solventless bandwagon with their ability to quickly manufacture low-quality products in hopes of appealing to undiscerning buyers. While their cut-rate bags might fit into even the slimmest budgets, they can quickly become counterproductive and even detrimental to your output.
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📌 The Press Club x Frenchy Cannoli Collaboration

There are only a sparse few figures in modern times who made an impact on the art of hashish and solventless cannabis extraction as the late and great Frenchy Cannoli. His passion for cannabis, knowledge of traditional sieving methods, and willingness to share with an open heart will forever echo within the cannabis community. Madame Cannoli and Frenchy’s apprentice, Belle, along with others who worked with him closely, are committed to carrying on his mission. We’re honored to join their efforts through an official partnership with the Lost Art of Hashishin workshops.
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How Does A Closed Loop Recirculation System Work?

As the name suggests, a closed loop recirculation system is a configuration that lets hash makers recirculate and thereby reuse water during the Ice Water Extraction process of collecting loose resin, or bubble hash. The traditional approach to Ice Water Extraction does not involve recirculating water through the system, rather extractors dispose of the drainage water after it’s mixed with starting material and passes through the sieving bags.
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Hash Contaminants & How To Keep Trichomes Clean

Sometimes, contamination in the form of bugs, dust, sand, and even pesticides can get caught in the sieving bags along with the resin. And contamination in the bags can easily lead to contamination in the final product. Therefore, the goal is to minimize all contaminants on the starting material as much as possible before starting the Ice Water Extraction process. While there will always be some level of contamination, even if it’s extremely limited, there are things that hash makers can do to keep trichomes clean during the growth, harvesting, and preparation phases leading up to extraction.
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What is Toll Processing & Split Processing in Solventless & What's Right For Me?

Partnerships and collaborations are powerful in any industry, but they’re especially meaningful in solventless cannabis extraction. A strategic partnership enables cannabis businesses to create unique synergy and deliver more value to the market than either party could offer independently. As collaborators find creative ways to combine their complementary expertise, new opportunities emerge for both businesses.
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2023 The Press Club and the Northern California Rosin Championship

The Northern California Rosin Championship, or NCRC, is a competition by rosin makers for rosin makers. A select batch of hand-picked extractors wash and press the same material, with winners in multiple categories chosen by a panel of judges. And this year's event, the second annual NCRC, was one for the history books. What an epic weekend getting together and celebrating with old and new friends in the community at the beautiful Yokayo Ranch in Ukiah, Mendocino County.
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What is Korean Natural Farming (KNF) & Why It's Important To Solventless Rosin & Hash

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) is a farming/gardening protocol that was organized and popularized by Master Cho Han Kyu. This production method uses local and onsite fermentations of plants, fruits, and fish, as well as the culturing of microorganisms to regenerate land into a healthy and productive living soil. KNF is a very affordable and regenerative production method that reduces input costs for farms and home gardeners while helping to maximize yield potentials and quality.
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