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How Much Does THC Content Really Matter?

THC content has always been the standard measurement of cannabis potency. Scan any cannabis product label, and chances are your eyes go first to the THC percentage before anything else. We’ve been trained to put THC on a pedestal, above all other markers of potency and quality. In turn, both growers, hash makers, and solventless extractors have optimized for the highest THC content possible. As the free market goes, you have to give people what they want.
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How To Properly Prepare Your Whole Plant Fresh Frozen Material for Washing Hash

Whole Plant Fresh Frozen, or WPFF, refers to cannabis plant material that’s covered in resin and frozen immediately after harvesting, and in preparation for ice water extraction. Hash makers wash this WPFF to collect loose resin and make it into pressed hash (Temple Balls) or rosin. Whole Plant Fresh Frozen is regarded as the premium starting material for making hash. Freezing the cannabis immediately after harvest minimizes terpene loss and helps preserve the freshness that’s found in the living cannabis plant.
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How To Modify a 20-Gallon Washing Machine for Washing Bubble Hash

20-gallon Bubble Magic Washing Machines are ideal for hash makers who need more than a mini washer, but don’t quite have the budget for a full commercial-grade set up. A 20-gallon machine is a perfect in-between for labs that aim for greater solventless output before investing in a large-scale build. Although the Bubble Magic 20-gallon is technically ready to use right out of the box, there is one modification specifically that can make a world of a difference: changing out the drainage hose.
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How To Create An Integrated Water Collection Vessel

Washing hash involves a lot of water. From the mixing vessel, through the sieving bags, and then out for drainage, water flows throughout the process. A slapdash setup can lead to water sloshing around everywhere, potentially ending up in the floor creating operational hazards and an overall sloppy environment. This is not what we want in the lab.
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Top 10 Reasons for Using a False Bottom While Washing

What is a false bottom on a washing vessel for ice water extraction? A false bottom is a flat, stainless steel insert that fits into the bottom of a washing vessel. With a circumference matching that of the washing vessel, false bottoms look like either grated or swiss cheese steel plates. False bottoms contain many small holes which keep ice from settling against the very bottom of the washing vessel, while allowing trichomes to fall through for collection later.
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Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Collect The Terpenes From A Freeze Dryer

Loose resin isn’t the only solventless concentrate you can pull from your freeze dryer. With just a few basic supplies and a straightforward process, you can collect solventless terpenes from the freeze dryer after the drying cycle is complete. Let’s take a look at the tools and techniques you need to collect terpenes from your freeze dryer.
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Can You Really Cure Rosin With An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process of using sound waves to agitate and clean a variety of items. As high-frequency sound waves (ranging from 20-40 kilohertz) pass through a fluid, they create vibrations that form micro-bubbles inside the fluid. The constant vibration of these tiny bubbles causes contaminants to separate out and rise to the surface, where they are destroyed. Ultrasonic cleaners can clean many different types of objects, like industrial parts, jewelry, scientific samples, firearm components, electronic equipment and many more.
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Washing Hash: Ice vs Iceless Water Extraction

Ice water extraction is the method of removing trichomes from the cannabis flowers on which they grow to produce a solventless extract called bubble hash. Ice Water extraction, or washing hash, involves using cold water and a set of nylon sieves, called bubble wash bags. Hash makers mix together cold water and cannabis material to remove the trichomes from the material, then filter out the trichomes using the sieving bags.
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Single Source vs. Commercial Living Soil - The Whys & Why Nots

Living soil epitomizes the cleanest, most sustainable, and purest way to grow cannabis. Living soil is the most natural and holistic substrate available, abundant in organic elements, minerals from the earth, and various compounds that allow microorganisms to thrive. Inside living soil is an entire universe of all kinds of minute life forms. This fertile environment, bustling with microbes, holds immense potential for enhancing cannabis cultivation. Within living soil, cannabis roots can efficiently uptake essential nutrients vital not only for robust growth but also for yielding
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Why Press Your Resin By Frenchy Cannoli

When I decided to approach the legal side of cannabis as a California registered patient a few years back, my first step was to educate myself on the legality of my decision before anything. I also wanted to know the history of the movement that gave me such an amazing gift as an expression of my reconnaissance, and respect. But most importantly, I was looking for the science, if any, behind everything I had experienced with local associations while traveling in producing countries
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What Are Charas & How To Make Charas Like A Pro

Charas is the oldest form of cannabis concentrate - the original solventless. Not only is it the oldest, it’s the simplest to produce, requiring only the flowering cannabis plant and a pair of human hands. Making charas involves a very intimate experience with cannabis, in which the hash maker literally rubs fresh resin right from the trichomes onto their hands. The resin accumulates into a blackish layer across the palms and fingers, then peels off like a second skin.
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How To Make Solventless Pectin Gummies

Pectin is a plant-based gelling agent, commonly used in jams, jellies, and fruit preserves. It’s similar to gelatin, but unlike gelatin, pectin is vegan and found naturally in just about every fruit and vegetable. Typically made from apples (apple pectin) or citrus peels (citrus pectin), pectin is a great choice as thickener and stabilizer for making solventless gummies. When heated with sugar and acid, pectin forms a kind of mesh that traps liquid and then sets as it cools.
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The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Screens for Pressing Rosin

High-quality nylon has been the material of choice for rosin press bags since the beginning of squishing solventless concentrates (remember the days of pressing cannabis flowers with a hair straightener?). Nylon that’s food-grade, boil-resistant, and tough enough to withstand the extreme pressure of solventless extraction has always been welcome in reputable labs, and for good reason. Rosin filter bags like those from The Press Club have helped some of the best extractors in the world
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The Lost Art of the Hashishin: Pressing, Curing, and Aging

From Afghanistan to Morocco, you will commonly find local hashish smokers actively pressing resin glands before smoking. The various pressing techniques applied around the world are all focused on enhancing as much as preserving potency, original aromas, original aromas and flavors. Hashish quality has been defined by its smell and tastes since the dawn of time and science is discovering today, the importance of terpenes, the medical value of terpenes, and aromatherapy is well documented. But the terpenes of the cannabis plants were not scientifically studied until it was found that terpene profiles
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All Mesh vs Canvas Bubble Bags: The Pros and Cons

Bubble bags are specialized filtration bags that hash makers use in the ice water extraction process for collecting loose resin from cannabis material. The process involves mixing together cannabis flowers and trichome-coated trim leaves with ice-cold water, then running this mixture through a series of bubble bags to catch the trichome heads and leave everything else behind. These trichome heads, also called loose resin, form the basis of solventless concentrates like bubble hash, temple balls, and rosin.
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Advanced Dry Static Sifting 101

Rosin, bubble hash, and dry sift comprise the trifecta of solventless cannabis concentrates. Like its counterparts, dry sift delivers the unadulterated expression of what cannabis is all about: that sweet sweet resin. Packed inside the bulbous heads of sugar-like trichomes, this oily resin contains high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, compounds which are responsible for the therapeutic value that people seek from cannabis. Dry sift is essentially just a concentration of the trichome heads, isolated and collected without the use of any solvents.
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How To Process Hash Rosin Using The Centrifuge Technique

A centrifuge is a device that spins around an axis at high speeds in order to apply constant force on an object. This force, known as centrifugal force, is directed radially away from the axis of rotation, meaning that it moves outward from the center. Centrifuges, which are specialty pieces of equipment commonly used in scientific labs, work by spinning an object at high speeds within a container, causing fluids of different densities to separate out from the object. Less dense components are displaced and move to the center, while more dense components are spun to the outside
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How To Make Cold Cured Hash

Thanks to Marcos Dosal for this week's article on how to make cold cure hash. Marcos' years of experience with solventless extracts shines through in this tutorial, and we're grateful for his willingness to share with The Press Club community. Enjoy! Material Requirements:Loose Resin - Choose resin that is relatively free of contaminants for best results. You do not need ‘full melt’ for this process to work, but the cleaner your input is, the better the end result will be. Greasier resin is more forgiving.
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Flavorants and the Science of Terpenes in Cannabis

As our understanding of the cannabis plant has evolved, new science around terpenes is emerging. And with it, a new category of beneficial compounds comes to light. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in a variety of plants, particularly conifers. But they’re also key components of the cannabis experience, major contributors to the alluring aroma of cannabis flowers. Solventless extractors go to great lengths to preserve terpenes throughout the entire extraction process, showcasing the full glory of the resin for the consumer.
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How To Properly Use A Freeze Dryer For Hash 101

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilization, is a low temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the loose resin and lowering pressure, removing the ice by sublimation. Sublimation is better than regular dehydration or air drying, because it does a better job of preserving terpenes and reducing oxidation. While it’s possible to make excellent hash with the air drying method, freeze dryers offer indisputable advantages for extractors processing loose resin at scale.
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How To Run A Profitable Solventless Lab Guide 101

The end of a calendar year marks an opportune time to review the previous year’s financials and plan the year ahead. As we approach the end of 2023, now is your chance to assess your lab’s profitability and put some strategies in place to make 2024 your most profitable year yet. It’s not just about creating the highest-quality products, although that’s always a worthy goal. How you structure your operation, the best practices you put in place, and the little things your team does (or doesn’t do) day in and day out ultimately determine the viability of your business.
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