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How To Properly Maintain and Clean Your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

It's the new year and a great opportunity to take inventory of everything that you have in preparation for the coming months of production. It’s also wise to make sure all your equipment is clean. Of all the equipment you have in your extraction lab, a freeze dryer for drying bubble hash is likely one of the most valuable. Keeping up with cleaning and maintenance of your Harvest Right freeze dryer is key to setting yourself up for success.
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Every Type of Quartz Dab Nail & How To Use Them

A dab nail is used to vaporize cannabis extracts, also known as "dabs," in a dab rig. The best nails are typically made of quartz, which is heated to a high temperature using a torch. The nail, sometimes called a bowl or “banger”, slides into the stem of a dab rig and can be interchanged for alternative types of nails. This means that a single dab rig can deliver different dabbing experiences based on the type of nail that’s used with it.
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The Ultimate Guide on How To Make Hash Holes

Looking for a different way to smoke your favorite solventless concentrates? Hash holes may be just the thing you’ve been waiting for. A clever combination of cannabis flowers and solventless extracts, hash holes deliver a new experience with a couple of old friends. It’s like hitting a joint and taking a dab at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds. Hash holes might look like regular pre rolls from the outside, but it’s what’s inside that really makes the difference.
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Hand Washing Tools From Paddles To Whisks, What Works Best

Want to create the best bubble hash around? Many hash makers will argue that hand washing is the way to go. Automating the process with a repurposed washing machine means less manual labor and greater scalability, but mixing by hand gives hash makers exceptional control and versatility. Both hand washing and machine washing lean on the basic mechanics. Just the right amount of stirring and churning helps to separate trichome heads
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What Is And How to Make 6 Star Hash

6 Star hash refers to loose resin of the highest possible quality. This is premium quality solventless, and it’s actually quite hard to come by. You’re not going to find true 6 Star hash in dispensaries. A lot of things have to go right in order to create the best of the best, and only one thing has to go wrong in order to destroy it. At the same time, the only job of the hash maker is to not mess up what the cannabis plant has already produced. 6 Star hash is the result of flawless isolation, collection, and preservation of top-quality
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No Ice Tech: The Future of Solventless

Ice water extraction is the art of removing trichomes from the cannabis flowers on which they grow using only cold water and a set of nylon sieves called bubble wash bags. Trichomes are tiny appendages that contain high concentrations of therapeutic compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes that cannabis is known for. The heads of these trichomes are the best of the best, and the ultimate prize of solventless extractors and hash makers. Cold water makes the trichomes brittle enough to cleanly break free from the cannabis material, while also remaining in-tact as effective carriers of the valuable oil contained inside.
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How To Calculate THC Content in Homemade Edibles and Tinctures

Homemade edibles offer an effective way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. Eating cannabis provides an alternative to smoking or dabbing, and can be an even more reliable way to medicate. However, if you don’t know the cannabinoid content of your edibles or tinctures, it can be difficult to anticipate and control each dose, making the experience less reliable (and potentially less enjoyable!). So how can you calculate the THC content in homemade edibles and tinctures?
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What Is Living Soil?

Living soil is a growing medium that’s rich with organic matter, earth minerals, and other compounds that create a perfect ecosystem for microscopic life. Living soil is teeming with microbes which can be incredibly beneficial to growing cannabis. Living soil allows cannabis roots to absorb all the nutrients that the plant requires in order to not only thrive, but to produce the highest quality resin. Living soil isn’t just any old “dirt”. It’s characterized by rich biodiversity and microbial activity.
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What's the Difference: Home vs. Pharmaceutical Harvest Right Freeze Dryers & What We Recommend For Drying Bubble Hash

Freeze drying utilizes the process of sublimation to remove moisture from wet objects. Most commonly used for drying and preserving food, freeze dryers also work great for drying loose resin, or bubble hash. While it’s possible to allow wet hash to air dry loose resin through the process of evaporation, sublimation inside a freeze dryer speeds up the process, reducing oxidation and preserving more terpenes.
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Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Firmware 4.0.56 - Required Update For Home Freeze Dyers

The Harvest Right brand of freeze dryers is arguably the best brand for drying bubble hash. However, there are two separate versions of Harvest Right freeze dryers that include different default settings, and this leads to a difference in performance between the two. These two versions are the home and pharmaceutical Harvest Right freeze dryers.
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How To Make Tincture Using Bubble Hash or Rosin

Tinctures offer an alternative way to ingest cannabis without smoking or vaping. Dabbing is the most popular way to enjoy rosin, while smoking is common for high-quality bubble hash. But both bubble hash and rosin can also make great sources for creating potent tinctures. Tinctures themselves have something in common with our favorite solventless cannabis products: they’re straightforward to make with minimal equipment right from home. What Is a Tincture?
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How to Use a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer to Make Bubble Hash (& Recommended Shelf Temp / Freeze Times)

Freeze drying is the ideal way to dry bubble hash. Loose resin that’s collected using ice water extraction comes out wet. If it’s not properly dried, it can quickly and easily get moldy. While it’s definitely possible to air dry bubble hash, and create a premium hash while doing so, there are some downsides to air drying. Air drying takes several days, and requires lots of space to spread the trichomes in a thin layer. Air drying also allows oxidation to occur
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Top 10 Tips on How To Prepare Your Harvest for Fresh Frozen

Here at The Press Club, we love using fresh frozen cannabis to wash bubble hash. It’s tough to beat the explosive flavor, unmistakable aroma, and stunning clarity of loose resin that’s collected from cannabis harvested with fresh frozen preparations. Fresh frozen captures the most vibrant and unique qualities of the ripe cannabis flower, preserving terpenes and slowing down the process of oxidation to levels that dried and cured buds can’t match. While correctly harvesting cannabis for fresh frozen starting material isn’t the only trick to producing
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Hash Wash Labeling: First vs Second Wash and Microns Collected

Hash makers collect loose resin multiple times, and from multiple wash bags, throughout the course of washing a single batch of cannabis material. The loose resin, or bubble hash, is gathered throughout the process in increments rather than collected in aggregate at the very end. This allows hash makers to differentiate between resin collected from the first wash all the way to the last wash, and from each individual sieving bag. The two primary phases of washing hash are mixing/agitation, and sieving.
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Gravity Drainage vs Hash Pump for Washing Bubble Hash

A hash pump is a specialized pump that moves trichome-infused water from one vessel to another during the ice water extraction. Hash pumps automate the movement of water from the mixing vessel into the collection vessel, which otherwise needs to happen with the force of gravity. In labs with certain constraints that make using gravity suboptimal, hash pumps are a great alternative to moving water efficiently. And most importantly, in a way that doesn’t damage trichomes in the process.
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How To Use a Washing Machine to Make Bubble Hash

Compact, portable washing machines like the kind designed for small apartments and RVs are great for washing hash. Although they’re made to wash small loads of laundry, they can also do a great job of mixing together cannabis and ice water for making bubble hash. Especially for extractors running high volumes of material, washing machines are the way to go. Machines automate the mixing process that would otherwise be done by hand, adding efficiency and scalability to your operation.
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How To Clean Your Washing Machine after Making Bubble Hash

Washing machines are a great way to automate the all-important mixing phase of ice water extraction or washing bubble hash. Washing hash involves mixing together ice water and cannabis, then sieving the mixture through a series of filters called bubble wash bags. Using a washing machine for mixing enhances the efficiency, consistency, and scalability of output, and is often the best choice for processors working through a high volume of material.
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Breeding to Collect Trichomes

The term “Hash plant” has been around for decades. Most notably the term showed up in the Seed Bank Catalogue in the 1980’s and 90’s as a plant that was selected for its hash-like flavor. In this article I will be referencing the term “Hash plant” as a plant that was selected because of the overall quality and yield of the hash that was derived from the sieving process and not that the plant's chemical profile tastes like hash in flower form. With more people growing and selectively crossing plants, we are starting to see some very unique expressions coming out of some of these contemporary cannabis lines.
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How To Set Up a Water Drainage System for Washing Bubble Hash

Solventless extractors use lots of water for washing bubble hash, the process of mixing together ice water and cannabis to isolate trichome heads for collection. Water is the key factor that makes it all possible. A drainage system for washing bubble hash controls the flow of runoff water that’s used in ice water extraction. Water plays a part in both mixing and rinsing, so lots of clean, cold water is required. Once water comes into contact with the cannabis material
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Cultivating Cannabis Specifically for Resin Production

There are many different methods and techniques used in the cultivation of cannabis. Environmental factors, nutrition, water quality, light intensity, medium selection (soil, coco, rockwool, etc), pest management all play a roll in the health and wellbeing of your plants. When starting your garden having a plan and setting a schedule will help achieve the desired outcome. Are you planning on growing the biggest, densest nugs possible? Are you after killer bag appeal? Do you intend to wash your harvest and produce world class resin?
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How To Build A Cold Room for Washing Bubble Hash

A cold environment is essential for washing hash. Loose resin is nearly impossible to work with in warm temperatures, as it becomes a greasy mess that’s difficult to sieve through mesh wash bags. Creating a dedicated cold room for working with hash is the best option for serious extractors. Cold rooms should house all the equipment you need to wash hash, in a clean and well-organized space.
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