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How To Use a Washing Machine to Make Bubble Hash

Compact, portable washing machines like the kind designed for small apartments and RVs are great for washing hash. Although they’re made to wash small loads of laundry, they can also do a great job of mixing together cannabis and ice water for making bubble hash. Especially for extractors running high volumes of material, washing machines are the way to go. Machines automate the mixing process that would otherwise be done by hand, adding efficiency and scalability to your operation.
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How To Clean Your Washing Machine after Making Bubble Hash

Washing machines are a great way to automate the all-important mixing phase of ice water extraction or washing bubble hash. Washing hash involves mixing together ice water and cannabis, then sieving the mixture through a series of filters called bubble wash bags. Using a washing machine for mixing enhances the efficiency, consistency, and scalability of output, and is often the best choice for processors working through a high volume of material.
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Breeding to Sieve

The term “Hash plant” has been around for decades. Most notably the term showed up in the Seed Bank Catalogue in the 1980’s and 90’s as a plant that was selected for its hash-like flavor. In this article I will be referencing the term “Hash plant” as a plant that was selected because of the overall quality and yield of the hash that was derived from the sieving process and not that the plant's chemical profile tastes like hash in flower form. With more people growing and selectively crossing plants, we are starting to see some very unique expressions coming out of some of these contemporary cannabis lines.
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How To Set Up a Water Drainage System for Washing Bubble Hash

Solventless extractors use lots of water for washing bubble hash, the process of mixing together ice water and cannabis to isolate trichome heads for collection. Water is the key factor that makes it all possible. A drainage system for washing bubble hash controls the flow of runoff water that’s used in ice water extraction. Water plays a part in both mixing and rinsing, so lots of clean, cold water is required. Once water comes into contact with the cannabis material
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Cultivating Cannabis Specifically for Resin Production

There are many different methods and techniques used in the cultivation of cannabis. Environmental factors, nutrition, water quality, light intensity, medium selection (soil, coco, rockwool, etc), pest management all play a roll in the health and wellbeing of your plants. When starting your garden having a plan and setting a schedule will help achieve the desired outcome. Are you planning on growing the biggest, densest nugs possible? Are you after killer bag appeal? Do you intend to wash your harvest and produce world class resin?
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How To Build A Cold Room for Washing Bubble Hash

A cold environment is essential for washing hash. Loose resin is nearly impossible to work with in warm temperatures, as it becomes a greasy mess that’s difficult to sieve through mesh wash bags. Creating a dedicated cold room for working with hash is the best option for serious extractors. Cold rooms should house all the equipment you need to wash hash, in a clean and well-organized space.
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Using A Drill To Wash Bubble Hash?

The mixing together of ice water and cannabis is probably the most consequential of the steps involved in the ice water extraction process of washing bubble hash. While sieving and drying are also imperative to the process, properly mixing at the outset is the number one prerequisite for success. Agitating ice cold water and cannabis together causes trichome heads to separate from their stalks, liberating the minuscule resin globes from the rest of the material.
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How To Identify Cannabis Strains for Solventless Bubble Hash Production

Identifying strains that are best suited for ice water extraction helps extractors minimize wasted time and resources spent washing material that doesn’t yield desirable results. No matter how perfect the equipment, environment, and process, some cannabis cultivars just don’t dump loads of high quality resin. It all boils down to the trichomes, and that’s where extractors can make the most meaningful assessment of the plant’s potential for solventless bubble hash production.
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What Is Zombie Bubble Hash?

Somewhere between the living and the dead, the world of zombies exists in an enigmatic limbo. While much less dramatic than the creatures popularized in contemporary culture, zombie bubble hash is definitely worth the attention of discerning cannabis connoisseurs. But how can hash be a little bit living and a little bit dead? Bubble hash, or ice water hash as it’s also called, is made with a solventless extraction method that involves mixing ice, water, and cannabis. Agitating cannabis and ice water together knocks trichomes free from the plant material on which they grow.
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What Is WPFF?

There are several ways to prepare cannabis material for ice water extraction, or washing bubble hash. Traditionally, hash makers hung cannabis upside down to fully dry, prior to extracting the resin. Drying cannabis flowers, and then subsequently curing in glass jars, is the same preparation for smoking them as well. But throughout this process, exposure to the open air (even inside an environmentally-controlled drying room) leads to terpene loss and oxidation. But there’s another way to prepare cannabis right after harvest, that can minimize oxidation and also preserve the abundance of terpenes locked inside the plant trichomes.
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What's The Problem with Using 2-Way Humidity Packs To Rehydrate Cannabis Flowers?

2-way humidity packs are thin pouches that contain water vapor, natural salts, and food-grade thickeners which help regulate humidity levels within airtight spaces. Traditionally used by cigar aficionados to preserve moisture levels inside humidors, 2-way humidity packs have been adopted by the cannabis industry to keep flowers at just the right humidity. Relative Humidity, or RH, is a measurement of moisture in the air (given as a percentage), and helps us aim for the right amount of moisture within cannabis flowers.
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Cleaning Dry Sift with Rubber Glove Static Tech

Dry sift is a form of solventless cannabis concentrate that’s made by sieving dried cannabis through a series of nylon screens. This sieving, also referred to as sifting, separates trichome heads from the plant material on which they grow during the plant’s flowering cycle. Trichome heads contain significant amounts of therapeutic compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes that we seek from the cannabis plant. The overall quality of a batch of dry sift is measured in part by the ratio of trichome heads to plant material.
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Buchner Funnel Tech for Drying Bubble Hash

We are fortunate to host Tyler Markwart in our lab today to talk about his experience developing and using the Buchner Funnel Tech for air drying bubble hash. Tyler is a cannabis activist, farmer, hash maker, syndicated journalist, and consultant with over 25 years of experience. It's an honor to have him here with us. No budget for a freeze dryer? No problem. Let's start with a note from Tyler about how he came upon the use of this technology for drying bubble hash.
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How To Make Rosin Jam

Making Rosin Jam, also called Rosin Jam Tech, is a way to transform freshly-pressed hash rosin into a jam-like consistency. It’s not a complicated process, but it can yield some truly stunning results. All we need for making rosin jam is heat and pressure inside of a glass jar, and we let chemistry do all the work. While there’s nothing wrong with dabbing fresh rosin, there’s a strong case to be made for curing rosin to enhance flavor, increase smoothness, and optimize consistency. Jam Tech is a form of curing, and it’s the main way that extractors
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Why Is Micron Accuracy Important for Solventless Extractions?

Bubble wash bags, rosin filter bags, and dry sifting screens are various types of filters that allow extractors to mechanically separate pure, unblemished cannabis resin from the cannabis plant. It’s thanks to these nylon filters that we can collect high purity cannabis concentrates without the use of solvents. Solventless cannabis extracts exist in a variety of premium forms, including bubble hash, rosin, and dry sift. Thanks to quality bubble wash bags, rosin filter bags, and dry sifting screens
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What is Homogenization in Solventless Extracts?

Homogenization means combining different consistencies into one uniform consistency. In terms of cannabis concentrates, homogenization is creating a substance of the same texture throughout, as opposed to solid forms and liquid forms that exist together. For example, hash rosin often separates into solid crystalline structures surrounded by pools of liquid terpenes. Different methods can be used to combine these two distinct components of rosin into one uniform consistency.
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The Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis

Humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years. The history of human experience has included cannabis for health and wellness and recreation. It’s been a love affair that’s not going away, and for good reason. In some ways, it seems that humans and the cannabis plant were made for each other. The active compounds in cannabis called cannabinoids fit like a hand in glove with a system of receptors in our bodies known as the Endocannabinoid System. So what exactly are cannabinoids? Cannabinoids are the naturally occurring compounds
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How To Use a Freeze Dryer To Dry and Cure Cannabis Flowers

In the past few years, using freeze dryers to dry bubble hash has become commonplace for commercial extractors and even in-home hobbyists. Freeze drying hash not only speeds up the drying process, it also ensures a consistent and thorough removal of moisture, preventing mold growth and preserving terpenes. Freeze dryers may currently be associated mostly with bubble hash, but the technology can also be applied to drying and curing cannabis flowers. So what is freeze drying? Freeze drying involves removing water moisture through sublimation
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