The Ultimate Solventless Rosin Pressing Resource

What Are Rosin Chips & What Can You Do With Them?

✅ Updated 1/13/21 Rosin chips are the flattened pancakes of cannabis flowers that remain after being squished at the press. Those flat pucks of squished buds still contain cannabinoids and terpenes, and although there’s less to extract than the first time around, there are at least 2 effective ways to extract them. Re-pressing Pucks for More Rosin Although the initial press yields the highest quality rosin, there is still some worthwhile extract to be obtained the second time around.
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Rosin Bag or No Rosin Bag?

✅ Updated 1/13/21 While bags aren’t absolutely necessary to press rosin, there are several reasons why rosin bags will bolster your success. Packing your source material into rosin bags before it goes onto the press makes it easier to handle the material and control its placement between the plates, enhances the purity of your final product, and can even increase your yields. Workability and Control Packing source material into rosin bags allows you to easily move the material from your tabletop onto the plates
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What Are Rosin Bags & How Do You Use Them?

Whether you’re new to pressing or looking to improve your current levels of quality and yield, this short guide will help you understand the importance of using bags when pressing rosin and how to determine the right bag for your setup. A rosin bag is used to hold cannabis flowers, kief, or bubble hash while being pressed between heated plates. Rosin bags provide a barrier through which rosin separates from the source material, which leaves a final product that’s free from impurities.
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How To Improve Rosin Clarity

✅ Updated 1/7/21 What do you look for when selecting top-shelf rosin? Most rosin connoisseurs will seek out rosin that’s light in color and high in clarity. The perception is that lighter rosin represents a fresher, purer product than darker rosin, which can result from pressing with material that’s past its prime. Additionally, most consumers are willing to pay a premium for rosin that rates highly in clarity and seems to exude a magical golden glow.
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Do I Need to Grow My Own Cannabis to Press Rosin?

✅ Updated 12/31/20 On the journey to creating ever-better rosin, improving your knowledge and perfecting your skills is vital. As with any other technique or art, frequent practice, experimentation, and constant innovation will make you better (and lead to a better product). One of the best ways to supply yourself with enough material, while at the same time controlling the maximum amount of variables, is to grow your own cannabis.
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