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Live Resin (BHO) vs Live Rosin (WPFF) & What's the Difference?

✅ Updated 11/22/21Live rosin and live resin, two words that look and sound nearly the same, but represent distinctly contrasting cannabis concentrates. To add to the confusion, the term “resin” by itself has multiple meanings in cannabis. It turns out that there’s more than a subtle difference between these two types of cannabis concentrates. So what’s the difference between live rosin and live resin? Why are they both called “live”, and which one is better?
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How to Calculate Platen PSI

✅ Updated 3/4/21 Pressing high grade rosin requires exerting just the right amount of pressure onto cannabis source material. Too much pressure and you risk equipment failure and reduced oil flow efficiency. Too little pressure and you end up overcompensating with excessive temperatures and diminished terpenes. Achieving the right level of pressure during solventless extraction allows cannabis to unlock that unique expression of cannabinoid and terpene-rich oil we know and love as rosin.
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How To Double Bag Your Rosin Bags

Rosin bag blowouts are one of the most frustrating and costly occurrences for rosin extractors, so a lot of time and energy goes into preventing these gut-wrenching disappointments at the press. Using high quality rosin bags is a great start to preventing blowouts. Other techniques, such as double bagging, help your rosin bags perform at their highest level while subject to heat and pressure during extraction. So why should you consider double bagging your rosin bags?
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Washing Fresh Frozen or Cured Flowers for Bubble Hash: The Pros and Cons

The end of the flowering cycle is an exciting time in the cannabis garden, especially if you’re planning to make some bubble hash with your bounty. Harvesting cannabis at its peak trichome development and terpene production allows the hash maker to harness the fullest potential of the plant. But there’s a decision to be made after the plants have been harvested. How should I prepare the cannabis for ice water extraction?
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Average Rosin Yields from Various Cannabis Material

✅ Updated 10/19/21 o matter what cannabis material you’re using to press rosin, the quality of the cannabis you start with determines the quality of rosin you end with. The number one most important ingredient to achieving premium quality rosin with top yields is exceptional source material. Assuming you start with quality cannabis, the variables of time, temperature, and pressure are adjusted to deliver the highest levels of purity, potency and yield. So what rate of returns should you be looking for when pressing rosin? The answer depends on which type of cannabis source material you’re using.
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How To Wash Bubble Hash

✅ Updated 2/15/21 Properly made full melt bubble hash is the most sought-after starting material that rosin extractors can hope to find. Bubble hash itself is a solventless (chemical-free) extract, composed of isolated trichome heads for a pure and highly concentrated form of cannabis. Remember the golden rule: the quality of your rosin depends primarily on the quality of your starting material. To make the best of the best, you need to start with material that’s above the rest. 6 Star bubble hash is good enough to be dabbed by itself, but using it as source material for rosin takes the experience to the next level.
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Can You Really Press Rosin with a Hair Straightener?

One of the greatest perks about our favorite cannabis concentrate is that you can easily create it right from the comfort of your own home. One of the most popular entry points into cannabis extraction is pressing rosin with a basic hair straightener. But can you really press quality rosin with a hair straightener? Pressing rosin is a mechanical process with three main inputs at play: heat, pressure, and time. A hair straighter gives you control over all three of these variables, meaning you can create quality rosin within a modest budget.
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Flower Rosin vs Hash Rosin

Hash rosin has been exploding in popularity among cannabis consumers, hobbyist extractors, and commercial rosin brands alike. Most of the rosin currently being sold in cannabis dispensaries is pressed from ice water hash, reflecting consumers’ preference for an ultra-refined product. It seems that solventless extractors have mostly abandoned the idea of pressing rosin from whole cannabis flowers, favoring the purity and potency of hash rosin over the more all-inclusive and motley array of oils in flower rosin. But does flower rosin still have its place in the solventless game?
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How To Jar Tech Rosin

✅ Updated 8/17/21 A good cure can take your solventless cannabis extract to the next level. While rosin is ready to consume immediately after production, the curing process transforms color, texture, consistency, flavor, and even potency in unique and sometimes unexpected ways. Curing is a matter of personal preference and there are no absolutes. The main variables to consider when curing rosin are air exchange (oxygen), temperature, pressure, and time. Air exchange is controlled through opening or closing of the container and stirring/agitation. Temperature can be controlled via heat treatments with an oven, hot plate, or rosin plates.
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How To Find the Best Flower for Pressing Rosin

Pressing cannabis flower is the easiest and most straightforward method of solventless extraction. Creating premium rosin requires high quality flower at its source, so knowing how to find the best cannabis flower for pressing rosin is essential. We can think about how to find the best cannabis flower for pressing rosin by considering both the quality and condition of the flower and its source. What should you look for in cannabis flowers to make them worthy of a press, and where will you source them?
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How Bubble Hash Is Rated

✅ Updated 5/19/23 Bubble hash, or bubble for short, is quickly becoming the most popular starting material for rosin production, and for good reason. Bubble hash is a solventless cannabis extract that contains higher percentages of cannabinoids and terpenes than unprocessed cannabis flowers, translating into a uniquely flavorful, pure, and potent rosin. Because bubble hash contains only trace amounts of unwanted compounds and plant particles, extractors generally achieve higher yields with bubble hash (also known as ice wax and full melt) than with dried and cured cannabis flowers.
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Guide To Trichomes and Solventless Extraction

An understanding of trichomes is vital for rosin extractors. Trichomes carry the highest concentration of compounds that extractors target and cannabis connoisseurs seek, namely cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The abundance and quality of trichomes in cannabis starting material has a direct impact on the quality and yield of the rosin. What exactly are trichomes? Trichomes are the fine, hair-like outgrowths that cover the surface of cannabis stalks, leaves, and flowers. They appear like tiny shining crystals and give dried flowers that classic sugary look that’s characteristic
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How To Build Your Own Rosin Press

You don’t have to be a welder, a mechanic, or even feel comfortable swinging a hammer to build a high-quality in-home solventless extraction system. Pictures of industrial hydraulic shop presses being used to extract rosin might seem a bit daunting but building a homemade rosin press is easier than you might think. Believe it or not, these commercial grade presses are not only economical, but they don’t take up a lot of room at the house or apartment.
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What Is The Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Pressing?

✅ Updated 2/23/21 Next to rolling paper for cannabis flowers, parchment paper may be the most popular type of paper in the cannabis industry (with paper money being a close runner up). But what exactly is parchment paper, and why is it in such high demand? Parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that’s been treated and coated to make it non-stick and resistant to high heat. The main “non-sticky” factor comes from a thin layer of silicone that’s applied to the paper during manufacturing.
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What Micron Bag Do I Use?

✅ Updated 2/23/21To rosin extractors, microns refer to the fineness of rosin bags. A rosin bag’s fineness (smaller micron) or coarseness (larger micron) has a direct impact on the rosin that comes out of the source material, so understanding the relationship between cannabis source material and microns is critical to pressing the best rosin. What exactly is a micron? A micron is a unit of measurement that equals 1/1000th of a millimeter. The micron of a rosin bag refers to the distance across each one of the tiny holes that make up the filter. Smaller holes make the material feel finer, while larger holes make the material feel coarser.
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How To Properly Store Rosin

✅Updated 3/9/21 Whether purchasing rosin at the dispensary or pressing your own at home, proper rosin storage is critical to preserving the quality and freshness of your favorite solventless product. Top variables to consider when selecting a storage method include material, heat, light, and air transfer. The goal is to minimize reactions between rosin and the material of the storage container, reduce heat and light exposure, and achieve an air-tight seal.
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What Equipment You Need to Press Rosin

As a cannabis enthusiast, few things are as rewarding as making your own medicine. Whether you’re already consuming rosin on a regular basis or just getting into the world of solventless for the first time, pressing rosin at home is a worthwhile pursuit. Solventless extraction is one of the most exciting facets of the cannabis industry. While high-level artistry is required to produce the best of the best, the basic mechanics of pressing rosin are relatively straightforward and easy to replicate and customize for your unique set of needs.
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Best Cannabis Strains for Pressing Rosin

✅ Updated 1/13/21 The quality of your starting material is the biggest contributor to the final quality of your rosin. It’s crucial to ensure you’re starting out with trichome-rich flowers and high amounts of terpenes. Although the skill of the grower and the growing environment play a significant role in the quality of the cannabis, the cannabis cultivar, or strain, being grown is an important factor not to be overlooked. While the same strains will perform differently in the hands of different growers
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Rosin for Pain Relief

Dabbing rosin is a great way to get a fast-acting, highly concentrated dose of cannabinoids and terpenes For many medical cannabis patients, one of the most powerful advantages of concentrates like rosin is their effectiveness in pain relief. So what are the best strains to use if you’re pressing rosin to help manage pain? There are several strains that are known to contain an effective blend of cannabinoids and terpenes for pain relief. Below we’ll cover three of them, one primarily THC-dominant, one primarily CBD-dominant, and one with an even blend of the two.
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Why Do Terpenes Matter?

✅Updated 9/13/21 Many of best practices for pressing rosin revolve around maximizing terpene preservation and expression. What are terpenes, and why are they important? Terpenes are hydrocarbon compounds that give cannabis it’s distinct aroma, flavor, and effect. Like the familiar cannabinoids THC and CBD, terpenes are created in the glands on the leaves and flowers of mature cannabis plants.
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Best Types of Rosin Presses

✅Updated 3/9/21 From small, home made presses to 20-ton pneumatic behemoths, there are a wide variety of presses on the market. If you’re just starting out with pressing rosin and want to invest in your first real press, it can be difficult to decide which type will best suit your needs. In this quick guide, we’ll outline the main types of presses currently available and discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each kind. Read on to discover which type of press is best for you!
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