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Best Ways To Use Rosin

While dabbing might be the preferred and predominant way that most rosineers enjoy rosin, it’s not the only way to use our favorite solventless cannabis concentrate. Medicating with cannabis rosin isn’t limited to dropping globs, and there are several ways to get creative with your consumption. If it’s time to shake up your routine, consider a few of the best ways to use rosin and give them a try. Whether you like to smoke it or eat it, you can find some great ways to take an old friend for a new spin.
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How To Make Moon Rocks with Rosin

Moon Rocks are a cannabis confection so unique they appear to originate out of this world. Part cannabis flower and part cannabis concentrate, Moon Rocks present one of the most interesting and exciting ways to consume cannabis. Show up to any gathering with a jar of Moon Rocks and you and your novelty nugs will be the center of attention. What makes Moon Rocks so special? Moon rocks are cannabis flowers covered in oil and frosted with a layer of trichomes.
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What Is Nucleation in Rosin?

Have you ever seen clear, smooth, oily rosin transform into a seemingly sugar-filled, clumpy, and inconsistent substance? This change in appearance is due to nucleation, and it’s a relatively common occurrence in rosin. But what is nucleation, and how does it impact the quality of your rosin? Read on to find out. What is nucleation? Nucleation is simply a phase change in which crystalline formations occur in a liquid.
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How to Rehydrate Dry Cannabis Flower For Rosin Pressing

✅ Updated 6/10/21 Effectively extracting quality rosin from cannabis flowers isn’t possible without the correct moisture content and humidity levels. Flowers grown in an ideal environment from good genetics can’t fully transform into exceptional rosin if they’re too dry during extraction. Excessive dryness in cannabis flowers causes decreased rosin yields, as bone-dry bud reabsorbs much of the rosin as it flows through the rosin bag. This reabsorption rate is significantly lower in flowers that contain the right amount of moisture, giving every extractor good reason to maintain correct moisture in their starting material.
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How To Take Notes To Improve Your Rosin Production

The mechanics of pressing rosin are straightforward. With the application of heat and pressure, solventless extractors release the oils contained within cannabis to create a pure and potent form of concentrate known as rosin. Although the overall approach to pressing rosin is simple, many variables exist in the actual process, any of which can have a direct impact on the quantity and quality of your rosin yield. Over time and with experience, extractors gain a better understanding of how to control variables such as time, temperature, and pressure when pressing rosin.
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How Much Cannabis Do I Need To Make Bubble Hash

✅ Updated 6/10/21 Home Growers with a couple of cannabis plants often ask how much material they need to accumulate for a successful run of hash. It’s common to see people washing a pound or more of cannabis and pulling ounces of hash, but do you really need that much material to make your own bubble hash? What if you only have a small amount of starting material to work with? Preparing all the equipment and going through the labor-intensive process of ice water extraction takes a good amount of time and energy, so most bubble hash extractors won’t wash anything under a quarter pound (4 ounces) per run.
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