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How To Properly Store Rosin

✅Updated 3/9/21 Whether purchasing rosin at the dispensary or pressing your own at home, proper rosin storage is critical to preserving the quality and freshness of your favorite solventless product. Top variables to consider when selecting a storage method include material, heat, light, and air transfer. The goal is to minimize reactions between rosin and the material of the storage container, reduce heat and light exposure, and achieve an air-tight seal.
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How to Increase Terpene Production When Growing Cannabis

A good way to think about cannabis cultivation is that you’re actually farming trichomes, specifically the cannabinoids and terpenes they contain. Especially if you’re planning to use the flowers for making hash, it’s important to optimize for terpene production during the flowering phase of the cannabis plant’s life. The following are some things to consider for your grow when aiming for increased terpene production:
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How To Make Solventless CBD Rosin

Pressing cannabis flower that contains high levels of CBD follows the same basic principles as pressing flowers high in THC. Obtain flower that’s been specifically bred to produce high levels of CBD, rather than industrial hemp flowers that aren’t optimized for cannabinoid production. While industrial hemp strains produce flowers, most hemp strains have traditionally been developed for food and fiber output, growing plants with long, strong stalks or robust seed output.
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How To Improve Rosin Clarity

✅ Updated 1/7/21 What do you look for when selecting top-shelf rosin? Most rosin connoisseurs will seek out rosin that’s light in color and high in clarity. The perception is that lighter rosin represents a fresher, purer product than darker rosin, which can result from pressing with material that’s past its prime. Additionally, most consumers are willing to pay a premium for rosin that rates highly in clarity and seems to exude a magical golden glow.
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